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10 Countries Where You Can Take A Ride Along With Indian Driving Licence

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10 countries where you can take a ride along with Indian driving licence

Who doesn’t wish to go out of India and enjoy just like every second Bollywood film portrays. A place, just like in  ‘Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge’ casted Raj and simran, where they are enjoying a road trip in Europe. Well, I can’t promise you a road trip with exactly the same story but yes you can make your own story and that too a brilliant one without hitting your pocket hard. This list covers all the countries that permit to drive in with Indian licence from Aussie, United Kingdom to United States of America.  Here, you go with the ten countries where your home country’s licence, the Indian licence will help you to take a ride over there. So, pack your bag to make the best out of your trip.

1. Germany

Source: Nations Online Project

You need to drive Right lane here. The Indian driving licence is accepted but it’s advisable that you carry International Driving Permit (IDP), though it’s not mandatory but then also. As it consist of translated information of your documents which will help the locals to scrutinize your credentials easily.

2. Switzerland

Source: BBC

Now you can fulfill your dreams to explore all the high peaks of the Alps and roads in Switzerland for up to a year if you have a valid Indian licence. Right lane driving works here. Just grab the steering, and travel the country at its best.

3. Singapore

10 countries where you can take a ride along with Indian driving licence
Source: Singapore-guide

To explore this sovereign city-state, if you are going for short period of time then you don’t need a separate licence to drive in. But still it’s advisable to get in touch with the RTO and get a valid International Driving Permit (IDP). Carry an official translation of your driving licence if it’s not in English with a valid Indian licence. You have to drive left lane.

4. Australia

Source: About Australia

To travel Australia you need to do left lane driving. You can take a ride with your valid Indian licence but the Northern territory of Australia bans the Indian tourist to do so. Here, you cannot choose your wished vehicle, even if you get permission to drive. You can only drive the vehicles which are stated in the licence.

5.Great Britain

United Kingdom
Source: The Telegraph

Great Britain is trio of Scotland, Wales and England. The trio will permit you to drive in for one year with a valid Indian licence. The only issue you will face here is that you can drive in only those cars which are mentioned in your licence. And you need to do left lane driving.

6.New Zealand

New Zealand
Source: Pickyourtrail Blog

You can stay in kiwi land for one year. If your licence is printed in English then, it’s good news but if not then head to an authorized translator and get a translation of your licence in English. After this, you need to get a stamp by New Zealand Transport Agency on your licence. Get ready to explore New Zealand for a year with left lane driving.

7.United States of America

10 countries where you can take a ride along with Indian driving licence
Source: City Journal

Consisting fifty states, at first you need to inquire from right authority. Every state has different norm. In some states, your translated licence works with a stamp and in some they ask for International Driving Permit (IDP). What you need to do is to contact RTO for IDP. And another thing you need to do is inquire the vehicle department of the state you are visiting about the licence.

8.Hong Kong

hong kong
Source: Wikitravel

Left lane driving is done here. Hong Kong allows you to drive in for twelve months continuously . But as others, you need to get your licence translated if not in English, by any authorized authority. And you can carry your International Driving Permit (IDP) for the same.


Source: Malaysia travel

Malaysia also practices left lane driving. If your driving licence is not printed in English then you need to  get an authorized translation from the Indian embassy based in Malaysia in English or Malay language. This will make things easy for them when they will ask you about your information.  Also, for an alternate purpose you can carry your IDP.


Source: Business Insider Nordic

Sweden practices right lane driving. Sweden allows you to drive in for twelve months but if your licence is not in English, Swedish, Danish, German, French, and Norwegian language then you need to get it translated. The translation in any of the above languages will help them to fetch your information in much better way. Along with the translated version you need to carry a photograph of yours or any ID proof where your photo is there.

So, these were all about the countries where you can drive in with your Indian licence and enjoy your trip to the fullest. Driving on the roads of foreign country with your Indian licence, brings a feeling of home in a foreign country. Isn’t it? To experience it, you need to go over there at first. So, what are you waiting for. Driving with Indian licence will not hit your pocket much. Enjoy!

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