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5 Basic tips for a person traveling to India for the first time

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Whenever a tourist is traveling to India for the first time, it may not be an easy travel destination. In India, deep rooted customs play a very vital part of their daily life. With the huge number of misconceptions, you could rather be confused with what to believe in and what not to believe in. This is why it is anytime better to know a few things before stepping off your flight. If you’re a first-time traveler to India, here are few basic tips that you should know in order to make your trip more enjoyable.

  1. You require an Indian Visa to enter into the country

Foreigners with the exception of people from 11 countries would need to get an Indian visa before arriving in India. The cost associated and the process of application differs by country. As it was started in the year 2010, the Ministry of Home Affairs started issuing Tourist visas on arrival at 4 of the largest international airports. Hence, you have to get your copy of visa before entering India.

  1. English is a language which is widely spoken

There’s no reason behind learning any new language as English is widely spoken everywhere in India. In fact, it is the unofficially official language of India. Menus in restaurants, road signs, tickets, advertising and everywhere else, you will find English as the only language. Although there are numerous languages and dialects spoken in India, you can easily communicate with majority of the people in various places in English.

  1. India is not hot always

Temperature may reach 135 degrees in few parts of India during the core months of the summer season but this doesn’t factor in the high humidity that is felt in different parts of South India. The tourist season in India coincides with winter. As the cold temperature sweeps the country which starts in late September, travelers usually diverge towards the Asian sub-continent.

  1. Body language plays a vital role in the way you’re treated

The body language that you project while you go out plays a very important role in making people treat you in a way that you want. When it comes to body language, it means the way you carry yourself, the manners that you portray, the social etiquette and everything else about yourself. Hands on your hips can make you look aggressive and pointing fingers towards others can become a sign of annoyance. Women in India don’t extend a handshake and hence it is better to greet women with either a Namaste or a Hello.

  1. Indians are all not Hindus and they don’t only speak Hindi

Although ‘hindu’ and ‘hindi’ sound similar but they’re totally different in meaning. Hindi is the official language of India and Hindu refers to Hinduism, which is the 3rd largest religion after Islam and Christianity. There are around 950 million followers or 15% of the population of the world.

Therefore if you’re visiting India for the first time, keep in mind the above mentioned facts so that you don’t get involved in some serious fights on road.

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