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5 Fascinating Reasons to Visit India’s French Colony Pondicherry

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Pondicherry, fondly known as Pondy, is a wonderful tourist destination in south India. The former French colony offers an ideal blend of old and new cultures with its lush botanical gardens, magnificent museums, majestic French war memorial and national park. It offers immense opportunity to simply relax and unwind, away from the busy schedules of your everyday life. Adventure enthusiasts get the best chance to learn scuba diving and surfing.  The artist in you will be enthralled by the inspiring architecture of Pondicherry. Well, this quaint beach town has lots to offer equally to the fun loving tourists and spiritual seekers alike.

5 reasons why you must visit Pondicherry!

  1. Enjoy the spectacular and serene beauty of its pristine beaches

Explore the vast expanse of the Paradise beach, Promenade Beach, Serenity beach in Pondicherry. Stroll during sunset on the soft silvery white and golden sand of its palm lined beaches. The cool and clear waters are very inviting. The entire beauty of the surroundings will leave you spell bound. Enjoy the serene and tranquil atmosphere of the beaches which are absolutely clean and not very crowded.

  1. Discover a sense of profound peace in the unique Auroville International City and spirituality at the Sri Aurobindo Ashram
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Aurovillie is also known as the city of Dawn. It has been created as a center where men and women of all countries, creed and religion are able to live in peace and progressive harmony. Experience profound sense of bliss and spiritual consciousness in Sri Aurobindo Ashram located in Viluppuram district, You will be awestruck by the tranquillity and sense of deep profundity in this ashram where you get the opportunity to realise your true self. Spiritual Matrimandir erected here is also known for its marvellous architecture.

  1. Savour Mouth-watering delicacies

In Pondicherry, the food enthusiasts can enjoy delectable South Indian cuisine, authentic seafood as well as delicious French food. The French cuisine is available in the quaint French cafes in one part of the town. Gorge on excellently cooked and aromatic Seafood. Pondicherry is indeed a ‘foodie’s paradise’!

  1. Appease your adventurous spirit
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Experience the pump of adrenaline as you learn Scuba diving which is one of the most thrilling activities to do in this beautiful sea town. Enjoy surfing, boating, canoeing and kayaking on the blue waters. Enjoy the exciting backwater sailing. Paradise beach and Karaikal Beach are two of the most famous beaches in Pondicherry where you can indulge in thrilling water sports. Discover the spectacular sunrise as you camp on the soft white sand beach side.

  1. Discover the ancient temples and churches of Pondicherry
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There are beautiful churches in Pondicherry such as Basilica of St. Sacred Heart of Jesus, Church of Our Lady of Angels, Dupleix Church, etc. known for their beautiful French architecture and deep sense of solace they hold. Visit Sri Varadararaj Perumal temple which is one of the oldest Hindu temples built in Dravidian style of architecture with sculpted pillars and a vividly colored gopuram adorned with exquisite sculptures of the Hindu Gods and Goddesses.


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