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6 Best Street Foods To Taste In City Of Joy- Kolkata

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If you have been in cultural capital of India-kolkata, then you just can not miss these delectable street foods over there. Starting from Phuchkas, Jhalmuri to Kathi Rolls and Chanar Jilipi. These foods will make your taste buds feel lively. If your taste buds want to taste something Chatpata, you will get it and if it ask for Mishti, you will find that too in streets of kolkata.You will relish these 6 street foods in Kolkata.  Check these 6 best street foods and let your taste buds enjoy the city of joy.   Happy reading!!

1. Jhalmuri – The Quickest Snack

Source: Cooking Thumb

You are going to find Jhalmuri in every corner of the city. This quickest snack is served in a  conical wrap and you can munch it while you keep on moving. Pair this snack with tea, you will enjoy it, really. This snack is mixture of puffed rice, chopped green chillies, namkeen, coriander, onions, tomatoes, peanuts and spices. This no oil mixture is then tossed up and served in the wrap. You will find the best munchies at Jawaharlal Nehru Road and Triangular Park.

2. Phuchka – The Bengali Pani Puri

Source: West Bengal

Have you ever tasted Phuchka? If not,then definitely you are missing one of the best street food of kolkata. Phuchka will give you typical flavour of kolkata which makes it different from others. Phuchka’s are stuffed with special tamarind chutney, pudina, mashed potatoes, pickled water and lime. Expect a spicy and chatpata taste.Find this unique taste at Bada Phuchkawalla in New Alipore, Krishnakant Sharma’s stall in Vardan Market, Ram Gupta’s Stall at Victoria Memorial.

3. Kathi Rolls – Fuse Your Love For Rolls In Kolkata

A single kathi roll is enough to fill your empty tummy. The roll can be of mutton, chicken, paneer, egg. You can also ask for vegetable rolls. These are rolled up in flour paratha with your chosen stuff  and delectable sauces, veggies, onions and tomatoes. These kolkata rolls are not at all ordinary. Expect a piquant taste from Anamika Roll Center near Triangular Park,Nizam Rolls in New Market,Kusum’s at Park Street.

4. Telebhaja – Are you Hungry?

Source: Zomato

If you are hungry in streets of kolkata then go and grab a Telebhaja. You will find Telebhaja in every corner of kolkata. But be aware of stale oil. This crispy snack can be your companion on rainy days with a cup of tea. Perfect match. You will get variety of options in Telebhaja like Eggplant, Potato and Onion rings, Pumpkin, Coriander leaves, Dimer Devil and more. These are then fried with cornflour batter or besan in a suitable oil. The best Telebhaja you will find at Kalika Mukhorochak at College Street.

5. Keemar Doi Bora- North Indians expect more!

keemar doi bora
Source: Evenato.Com

Keemar Doi Bora will be an exclusive food for North Indians. The Keemar Doi Bora is made up of meat. The meat doi bora is served in sweet doi(Curd). Over it the panch phoron is sprinkled like- black mustard seeds, a pinch of red chilli powder, fenugreek seeds, cumin, cinnamon. And your Keemar Doi Bora is ready to eat. The best place to find Keemar Doi Bora is Burrabazar.

6. Chhanar Jeelipi- Relish your sweet tooth

Chanar jilipi
Source: My Cooking Journey

The Jalebi which you eat, it’s more than that. Chhanar Jeelipi is made up of cottage cheese. This is soft, thick and contains less swirls compared to ordinary jalebis.There is a texture of Gulab jamun in it too. This pure delectable food is worth tasting. Your sweet tooth will dance in heaven once it goes inside your tummy. Relish it at Golpark and College Street.

If you are visiting Kolkata then don’t miss these street food, you can miss the best part of City of Joy.

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