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8 Fascinating reasons to escape to McLeodganj – Experiences to die for

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McLeodganj is nestled on the foothills of the Himalayas and it is also home to the government of Tibet in exile. A small home town for hippie expats, Buddhist monks and Tibetan refugees, McLeodganj is the perfect place for experiencing and relaxing in an entirely different side of Indian culture. While you can spend time walking around Dalai Lama’s temple and admire the mountains and flags, you may also find the young monks practice debating.

People who visit McLeodganj usually come back with a delightful experience. It is a suburb area of Dharamshala located in the Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh. So, if you’re still not aware of the fascinating reasons to visit this amazing place, here are some that you may take into account.

#1: The hills look as beautiful as ever when it snows after many years

Can you imagine the sight of clouds covering the lofty and snow-capped peaks and cold breeze kissing your hair as you walk through the serene and calm hills? Yes, you will get to experience a soothing natural charm in this small hill station which can leave you totally mesmerized.

Image Source : indianholiday.com
Image Source : indianholiday.com

#2: The atmosphere is refreshing and calm

Situated very close to Dharamshala, McLeodganj is a place replete with positivity and spirituality. The vibrant culture and tradition which is mixed with the calmness of the place makes it a perfect destination to lose your head and enjoy the journey.

#3: This is not place only for monks

Although this is the land of Lamas, yet it is not restricted to monks. Not only could you visit the Dalai Lama temple and practice meditation in the holy surroundings, you could befriend and offer various kinds of services to the monks. And in case you happen to fall in love with the place, how about requesting a stay with the monks?

#4: There’s more to McLeodganj than only spiritualism

The cool hill station is a home to some of the most talented travellers who display their skills on the streets. You can walk past the graffitis, taste the eclectic and delicious momos and sip some soup noodles which are called Thukpa. Shopping bohemian style is yet another thing you may do.

#5: Chill out at the Shiva Cafe

Could you skip the happening McLeodganj cafe while on your trip? In case you are an artist or a painter, you may even carry your equipment in order to master your art sitting in this cafe. For the non-artists, the evening sessions of jam would be extremely fun. They even serve hukka and if you love smoking, this is the place to be.

Image Source : adventuresofagoodman.com
Image Source : adventuresofagoodman.com

#6: Sleep under the stars instead of a 5Star Hotel

If you plan a trip to this scenic hill station and you don’t camp in the woods, your holiday will remain incomplete. Camping into the woods and sleeping under the sky filled with stars is a breathtaking experience that you should enjoy when you’re in McLeodganj

#7: Because you may love trekking

Are you someone who loves adventure? If answered yes, a trek to Triund is worth taking as it offers you some eye-captivating views when you walk through the pine forest and trodden trails. And if you’re someone who looks for more than adventure, you will find a cave nearby. How about camping inside the cave with the help of monks?

#8: Take a dip in the cold waters of Bhagsu Falls

It is during summer that the glaciers start melting and water in its purest form flow down the valleys. Bhagsu Falls is one such fall which is popular for its chilled water in McLeodganj. This splendid waterfall is situated in Bhagsu, a remote village behind the Bhagsunath Temple.

Hence, if you would love to experience all the above mentioned things, you should definitely visit McLeodganj and be ready for a trip of your lifetime.

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