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9 kickass places in India to visit with your friends before you turn 30

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Whether you wish to beat the pre-marriage blues or simply looking for a break from your daily drill, a getaway with friends is something every one of us looks forward to. The urge doubles if you’re a movie buff (filmy!) and couldn’t help visiting those oh-so-cool places and shout out loud with your buddies. This list of cool places will help you plan an exciting trip with your friends for life.

1. Leh-Ladakh: There’s much beyond Pangong Tso lake that you’ve spotted at the climax of 3 Idiots. From spending a night under the clear starry sky near monastries to trekking through Suru Valley to the Drang Drung glacier, you will be witnessing one of the most beautiful creations of nature in Leh-Ladakh. Don’t miss camping near Tso Muriri and the famous Pangong Tso lakes.



2. Andaman and Nicobar islands: If you feel you’ve had enough of mountains and want to explore something different this time, then Andaman will never let you down. Imagine a place where azure blue and turquoise meet in the beaches and islands. Radhanagar beach, islands of Havelock, Ross and Neil are hotspots to look out for in this union territory of India. And of course, exploring the aquatic beauty by scuba diving and snorkeling is an experience of lifetime.



3. Kolkata/Tajpur: No matter how many carvinals or festivals you’ve witnessed, nothing can beat the grandeur of Durga Puja in Kolkata. Drown yourself into the frenzy of idol worship that includes pandal hopping, endless addas, Dhunuchi dance, Sindoor khela and of course tucking into a variety of delicacies. Worry not if this fiesta fanaticism tires you a bit. About 170 Kms away from Kolkata, Tajpur is an awesome getaway where you can have a whale of a time with your friends between the clear sky and virgin beach.



4. Rishikesh: If you have a crazy bunch of friends who are always fascinated with thrilling adventures then Rishikesh is probably the best pick. Water rafting through the swift and unstoppable Ganges with your friends must be in your to-do list. You can also try bunjee jumping at Jumping heights in Mohan Chatti village which is apparently considered to be the highest bungee jumping location in India.



5. Pondicherry: Apart from beaches, churches and a slice of Europe, Pondicherry or Puducherry has become one of the best places in India where you can try skydiving. Both static and tandem skydiving are well practiced and trained by experienced professionals. You can beat the fear of heights out of you keeping your best friends for company. But do keep your pockets heavy as sky diving comes with prices ranging between 18000 to 65000 INR.



6. Kasol: Often called the ‘mini Israel’ in India, Kasol is yet another cool hangout destination with friends. Although it’s apparently a small village in the lap of Himachal Pradesh, you would be amazed to see a whole new world of Bob Marley fans, reggae bars and cheap hotels. Smoking weed and more weed is like a custom. Pamper your tastebuds with yummy Israeli dishes and know more about Israeli culture by talking with the locals. So, if giving in to the ecstasy of smoking sounds good to you, Kasol is a must-visit.



7. Mcleod Ganj: Yet another hill station in Himachal Pradesh, the ambience of Mcleod Ganj is just the opposite of Kasol. Those who are looking for some respite from the city cacophony, then Mcleod Ganj should definitely be your Far-from-the-madding crowd getaway. Why? Because it is also known as ‘little Lhasa’ or ‘Dhasa’ which means ‘Dharamsala’ and a place flocked by peace loving Tibetans. Visiting Monasteries, hills, spa and Yoga spots, camping, trekking–all done in one place.



8. Lonavla/Khandala: Verdant view of hills and waterfall along with Lonavla Chikki. Long story cut short about Lonavla. Besides, there are lakes, caves and a few amazing spots like Tiger point, Ramchi point, shooting point etc. Take a short trip to the wax museum which is gradually attracting quite a lot of tourists. Oh yes, you can also try a ‘Aati kya khandala’ jig at a nearby hill station, khandala.



9. Goa: It will be a sin if Goa is not included in this list. An obvious spot which you plan with friends and gets cancelled every damn time. This time do a ‘Dil chahta hai…’ with your buddies by planning a sudden getaway (and stay steadfast this time!). Guzzling, gorging and gaming in Goa is an experience everyone must try with their friends before they die.


So call your partners in crime, pack your bags and get, set, go…








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