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A Blissful & Virgin Beach Destination – New Digha

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New Digha Sea beach

New Digha is a major seaside tourist destination located in the South West of Kolkata. Lying about 2 kilometers from Old Digha Beach, this New Digha Beach is an attraction point for tourists. Families who are looking for a pleasurable weekend, this is the ideal place for them.  New Digha has appeared as a better spot for sea bathing and leisurely stroll than Old Digha. Situated in the tranquil lap of nature, New Digha beach has a lot to offer for all age groups. Tourists get pleasurable experience through the witness of these mesmerizing scenarios. The enchanting sunrise & sunsets of this beach are beautiful beyond words. The golden rays of the sun give the sparkling shine to the seashore sands.

Best time to visit New Digha –

New Digha is an excellent place for visitors throughout the year but the winter months are mainly considered as the best time to visit New Digha. The crowds gathered in the coastal region during the months between October to March. The weather remains calm & bright during this season. The beach area is lined up with Casuarina tree as far as the eyes can see.

New Digha Sea Beach.

Several ways to reach Digha –

Digha is located 185 km away from the Capital city of West Bengal. A wide range of networks connects Digha to Kolkata. Since 2004 the Indian railway provides regular train service for visitors. Tourists can avail superfast trains to reach there within a minimum time. Regular buses are also available from Kolkata at frequent intervals. The NSC Bose International Airport is the nearest airport that connects Digha with the other places of Kolkata.

Accommodation –

Booking facilities are much more developed in Digha nowadays than before. You have lots of online hotel booking option in Digha to ensure your comfortable stay. You can easily choose your preferred standard of hotel. The entire place has numerous resorts as well as cheap hotels for lodging for every class of people. 

Famous Foods –

Digha is an ultimate food hub for the seafood delicacies of visitors. The mouth-watering seafood gives your taste buds the delicate pleasure. The coastal region offers you a wide range of nonveg food items. You can have these kinds of seafood, which are fantastic as well as hygienic within an affordable price. It is tough to take off your hands from these delectable cuisines.

Nearby places of attraction –

There are some attractive nearby places that you can have a visit during the Digha trip.

Talsari Beach – It is a must visit location, situated near to Digha is Talsari. The area is located in Orissa, but tourists can reach very easily from New Digha. The place is a perfect example of spellbound beauty of nature. The meaning of Talsari is Row of Palm Trees. A greenish beauty with Palm trees including Casuarina forest makes this sea beach very beautiful & unique and an attraction to travelers.

Udaipur Beach – Udaipur beach is located before Talsari beach and only 3 km from New Digha. Udaipur is also in Orissa & Visitors can reach there easily with motor vans, toto, etc. A long beach after the casuarinas creates the natural beauty of the beach. A walk through the seashore is an extraordinary experience a traveler can have. Also you can Visit Mandarmoni and Tajpur Sea Beach as well.

Amarabati Park – A human-made park surrounded by lavishing green gardens, Amarabati park is a must-visit tourist spot during the hang out in Digha. This amusement park takes only a 5 min walk from New Digha beach. Apart from leisurely walks, or family outings people can enjoy boat rides at the lake.

The Marine Aquarium & Research center (MARC)

Founded in 1989 this Marine aquarium is one of the largest aquariums in Asia. It is also necessary to visit place for Digha tourists. MARC has the largest inbuilt aquarium in India. Visitors can explore various species of lobster, butterflyfishes, sharks, horseshoe crab, sea snakes, and many other unseen creatures they have never seen before. Visitors can enjoy the underwater world with a beautiful ambiance. For children, this is the main point of attraction. This marine aquarium remains open for visitors on all days from 9.30 AM to 6 PM.

Dipak Mitras Snake Farm – For enthusiastic tourists & herpetologists, this is a great reptile museum. More than a thousand curious tourists come to this farm every day, to observe an abundant species of snakes there. This farm is not only a house of venomous snakes but also a breeding sector for many species.

Shopping experiences at Digha – Though there shopping complex, but the main tourist attraction lies on over the local handicraft stalls lined up along with the beachside. Here, most of the eye-catching items are based on seashells and jute handicrafts. A wide range wide range of home decorating items is available there. One can buy various showpieces as a memento from the local handicraft shops at Digha.

The spectacles will surely remain for a long time in your memory.

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