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A clean and unbiased comparison of the North Indian and South Indian cuisines

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In India, food has a 5000 years history attached to it and down the centuries, food has evolved to a large extent, so much so that we have to often search for lost recipes which are ancestors tried some hundred years back. The diverse culture of India and that we don’t have a single cuisine in our country is the reason behind such a staggering change. As a whole, Indian cuisine offers lots of spice to spice lovers, salt to salt lovers and sweetness to those who have sweet tooth. So, if you think Indian cuisine is all about chicken tikka masalas and biriyani, you’ve got to think twice.

Categorization of Indian cuisine

  • North Indian cuisine (Kashmiri, Rajasthani, Muglai, Punjabi and Benarasi)
  • East Indian cuisine (Bengali and Assamese)
  • Western cuisine (Maharashtrian, Gujarat and Malwani)
  • South Indian cuisine (Tamil, Kerala, Kannad and Andhra)

North India and South India are 2 of the most popular among Indian cuisine. While North Indians use more coriander and onion, South Indians use more coconut as that is their predominant taste in most dishes.

When it comes to Snacks

North Indian cuisine has got a better variety of starters and snacks than South Indian cuisine. Chaats of different types to aloo tikkis, Mathari, Samosas, various kinds of pakoras, onion sev, Karela rings, Bhels of different sorts and kebabs are some of the main attractions of North Indian cuisine. On the other hand, South Indian cuisine is restricted to Dosa, Idli, Appam, Uthappam, though there are many sub-types which have been later invented by people.

What about the Main course?

Majority of the spices which are grown in South India are used to their best level in North India with new sorts of combinations. Hence you’re definitely going to find some of the best flavor, taste and colors. Bhojpuri, Awadhi, Bihari, Kashmiri, Rajasthani, Uttar Pradeshi, Kumauni and Punjabi cuisines are more popular than some of the others as they have been constantly evolving with time and hence have attained greater heights.

Karnataka, Telegu, Tamil, Kerala, Udupi, Saraswat, Manglorean and Hyderabadi cuisines, on the other hand, didn’t change much. The Hyderabadi cuisine gradually evolved as an entirely separate cuisine since the rule of the Nizams and this made it extremely good flavored. When it comes to South Indian cuisine, Hyderabadi is definitely one of the most favorite ones.

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Popular regional dishes of North India

  1. Bihar: Meat Saakan, Littichokha, Dalpuri, Balushahi, Malpua
  2. Delhi and Punjab: Kachauri, Kabaabs, Sarson da Saag, Paratha and all sorts of tandoori dishes
  3. Haryana: Pakora, Kadhi, Bajra Aloo Roti, Besan Masala Roti, Bathua Roti, Kheer, Churma, Methi Gajar, Singri ki sabzi and Tamatar chutney
  4. Jammu and Kashmr: Rogan Josh and Vegetable Handva
  5. Madhya Pradesh: Korma, Daal bafla, Qeema, Pilaf, Biryani and Kababs
  6. Rajasthan: Tarfini, daal baati, laapsi, Bail-gatte, panchkoota, Chhavdi
  7. Uttar Pradesh: The relishing Moghal and Avadhi cuisine

Hence, the most common and the most famous Hyderabadi Cuisine are the Hyderabadi Biryani, Kachche gosht ki Biryani, Dahi chutney, Haleem, Murghi ka korma, Dopiaa, Hyderabadi Nihari, Palak ja Gosht, to name a few.

So, we can well conclude that the North Indian and South Indian cuisine are much different from each other but they have their own uniqueness. While North Indian cuisine has some of its best dishes, South Indian too have their own popular ones. It depends on your taste which one suit you best.

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