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A sneak peak at the few unexplored and uncharted destinations in South India

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Our Incredible India has got numerous secrets hidden in different places. Untouched, uncharted and unexplored, South India lures majority of the travelers who are planning to escape to an offbeat destination. From the silent and calm serene Western Ghats corners to the dreamy and pristine Malabar beaches, there is more to South India than what meets the eye. In case you’re planning to be out on a vacation to South India, you ought to know about the list of places which you shouldn’t miss if you want it to be a memorable and silent vacation. Check out some such places.

#1: Vattakanal

This place lies to the east of the Western Ghats, this place is well known as Vatta or Little Israel. There are numerous Israeli tourists who love to flock to this destination after October and there are indeed many tourists who have permanent cottages in this place. Towards the southern tip of the Palani hills lay this unexplored haven which can definitely be your greatest getaways quietly with your family and near ones.

Image source : www.tripoto.com
Image source : www.tripoto.com


#2: Ponmudi and Chimmony

The Chimmony Wildlife Sanctuary is located amidst the uncharted corners of the extremely surreal Western Ghats and this can be your hideout far from the humdrum of busy city life. This place is a 6hr trek from the Ponmudi peak which offers a tourist some superb opportunities for watching birds and photographers will have their best time shooting the various aspects of nature.

#3: Araku Valley

A coffee lover would know and understand the vitality of Araku valley. This destination is popular for its coffee plantations and the first organic coffee brand was launched in 2007 here in Araku valley. There is another premium brand called Araku Emerald sells globally. Araku is a hill station which is inhabited by multifarious tribes in the district of Vishakapatnam. If you would love to move far from the humdrumof daily life, this Araku Valley is definitely the place to be. It is engulfed with mountains like Raktakonda, Galikonda, Sunkarimetta and Chitamogondi. Arau valley is waiting to be explored by you and your traveler friends.

#4: Athirapilly Falls

The awesome view of this incredible Athirapilly falls located at the Sholayar Forest Range is a sublime feeling for a tourist and a traveler who reaches there in search of calm and quiet environment. You get to enjoy the fresh cool water near the 80 ft waterfall and the Chalakudy river which comes gushing forth is simply everything that you may require from a refreshing vacation.

Image source : http://www.keralatravelonline.com
Image source : http://www.keralatravelonline.com

#5: Skandagiri Hills

This hill is also known as Kalavara Durga, Skandagiri is a mountain fortress which is located 70 kms away from the Bangalore city. Though there is not much information about the place on the internet, some gorgeous and breathtaking photographs have been clicked by photographers which are proof of the fact that it is indeed a heavenly place. Overlooking Nandi Hills and off Bellary Road, this place can guarantee you a splendid view at an altitude of 1350 mts.

#6: Maravanthe Beach

If you’re out for the quest for tranquillity and peace and if you love to explore beaches besides the clichéd ones in Goa, this is what you’re looking for. This beach is situated at the best stretches of road and here you will find a beach on one side and a river on the other. This is said to be one of the cleanest beaches in our country and it can get even dangerous during high tide.

Therefore, if you’re someone who is wondering about the offbeat places to visit in South India, this list will perfectly quench your thirst. If not all, try to visit at least few of the places given in the list.

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