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A Taste Tour of India: An Extensive Guide to Street Food

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Forget about fine-dine restaurants, some of the best dishes of India are actually served in the streets. If you are a connoisseur on a budget, the enormous numbers of street foods are here on your rescue. They are not just for rassasying you but they are delicacies in a true sense. You may not get the perfect ambience or trained attendants to serve you the dishes but cooked with a concoction of exotic herbs and spices Indian street foods are incomparable. Wasting no time let’s deep into the details and explore the delicacies of different states of India, as in all probability only in India you can distinguish people of different states perceiving their food choices.

Delhi’s Daulat ki Chaat

Dault ki Chaat is one of the popular street of Delhi and a staple to savour when you are in Delhi
Dault ki Chaat- the Taste of Old Delhi

Delhi is an incredible metropolis with multifarious good food choices. From delicious street food to authentic fine dine restaurants Delhi doesn’t lack options to keep hunger at bay. Delhi is a multi-cultural city and the remarkably diverse foods are the imprints of it. You will find pretty much every ethnic cuisine one can think about here but if you are here to taste authentic Delhi foods, go for Chowri Bazaar, Paratha Wali Gali at Chandni Chowk and relish delectable Pani puri, paratha, Daulat Ke Chaat, stuffed nun and kachori or Connaught place for Amritsari kulcha, chole bhature, chaat, fire pan and ice pan. You will hardly find such vast gamut of breakfast options anywhere else in the world. Now let’s focus on Daulat Ke Chaat as it’s the second famous thing of Delhi following the politicians. This quintessential Indian cuisine is made of froth milk and available only during winter. This dish is believed to be one of the favourite delicacies of the Mughal Emperors and originated 500 years ago. Don’t forget to try the sheermal roti, a delicacy of Karachi, Pakistan and visit these gastronomic destinations like Moolchand Parathewala’s wide variety of paratha and Amar Colony’s momo after stepping in Delhi.

Kolkata’s Kati Roll

Kolkata Egg Roll, Kolkata street food,
The Famous Roll of Kolkata Stuffed with Fresh Veggies and drool-worth sauces











Kolkata the cosmopolitan city of India has the well-earned reputation as street food haven, but, it’s quite hard to get all the drool-worthy dishes at one place. The city has several hidden gems scattered in different parts however Fairlie Place, the central business area of Kolkata and Esplanade are the most adored street food purveyors. While Fairlie place experiences the excitement of the epicures during lunch, Esplanade serves the exuberant gourmands throughout the day.  If traditional Chinese dishes entice you, visit Tiretti market on any Sunday, but show up there early in the morning as the stocks last till 7 a.m. There are few cities in the world that are eligible for the rivalry with Kolkata’s impressive food scene, however, amongst innumerable options of sweets, chaats, chops and fries Kati roll is the top on-the-hoof eats. Since immemorial time Kati roll has been the favourite of every bong and the cloud-kissing popularity has made it easily available. The paratha tossed in egg and filled with crunchy cucumber, tomato and sautéed or barbecued meats can make any chowhound falls into his knees. Besides rolls, Kolkata has some amazing small stalls to enjoy different kind of fried fishes served with master sauce and how can we end without mentioning Phuchka, the stuffing made with mashed boiled potato, freshly chopped onion, coriander leaves, white peas, tossed with the mixture of spices, rock salt, cumin powder, chilli powder, squeeze of lime and tamarind water.

famous street foods of Kolkata, famous street foods of India, a food tour to India
The Frenzy for Fuchka






















Lucknow’s Luscious Kebabs

Lucknow street food, famous street foods in India, food tour in India
Luscious Kebabs synonymous to Lucknow












While having the virtual food tour of India how can we keep out Lucknow from our list? Lucknow can be defined as the paradise of meat lovers and biriyani aficionados; this behemoth of India’s street food setting has its roots in Nawabs’ favourite Awadhi foods. Lucknow food presents an unforgettable gourmet tour for even the most pernickety taste buds. The city of kebabs and tandoor brings forward innumerable options of these succulent meat preparations. Just name the traditional chicken preparation of India that lures your tongue and the Chawk of Lucknow won’t disappoint you. Afghani chicken, galouti kebab, ghutwa kebab, pasanda kebab, shami kebab, seekh kabab, boti kabab, the options are endless and easy on the pocket. Whilst kabab and tandoor have their own set of admirers Nihari deserve a special mention in the context of Lakhnawi food. Though this is known to be the National Dish of Pakistan it is adapted to its Indian version with the use of different spices, herbs, flavours and processes of cooking with a focus on tender meat and fragrance. The tokri chaat at Hazratganj’s Royal Cafe is another titbit of Lucknow that is made of 25 ingredients. While the non-vegetarians are spoilt with choices, vegetarians are also served with dahi bada, chaat and kulfi in Lalbagh and bonnes bouches such as nimish and gola.

Masala Chaat – Available in Different Variations

Mumbai’s Masala Khicihiya Papad

Mumbai's street food, food to have in Mumbai, Food tour to Mumbai, taste tour to Mumbai, best street foods in India
Masala Khichiya Papad:

Mumbai with its unlimited opportunities, the star-studded Juhu and the delicious street food is ruling the heart of every Indian. Mumbai the city of most diverse street foods reflects the essence of every Indian Kitchen through its half a million food stalls spread in different corners. Though Masala Khichiya Papad is one of the most adored street foods of Mumbaikars but its lesser known to rest of the Indians, hence, it’s a staple food when you visit Mumbai. This delectable spicy food is available in different places of the city, but the food joints of Zaaveri Bazaar have conquered every soul who ever had the privilege of savouring it, from morning 9 to evening 9 the stall never experience scarcity of guests. This crunchy papad is topped with fresh veggies, chutney and seasoned with homemade spices and with every bite get inundated with its sapid taste. Dara Singh Thali at Masaledaar by Mini Punjab is another highly desirable food item of the Maharashtrians, though it doesn’t fall under street foods while talking about Akkha Mumbai’s street food it’s unmissable. This veg thali contains four different welcome drinks along with three appetizers, four Indian pieces of bread with ten main courses, two rice preparations as well as six desserts.

Globalization has introduced new eating habits influenced by convenience, economic development and desires for social status (read social media stature) amongst Indians. India has experienced massive growth and dynamic turns in the consumption of westernized fast food, specifically over the last few years. However, even the intense impacts of westernization and growing concern for hygiene have failed to rule out Indians’ predilection for street foods. If you aren’t in a mood to roam around the city just order authentic street foods through Swiggy.


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