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A visit to enticing Kerala – Known to be the ‘Venice of India’

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Once you’re done with visiting the golden triangle of India, Jaipur, Delhi and Agra, your next most ideal vacation should be to the exotic South-West. Usually known to be the capital of spice trade, land of immaculate white beaches, misty mountains, string of waterways and numerous plantations yielding rubber and tea, cardamom and cinnamon, and all kinds of spices, Kerala is a must visit. Elephants and tigers reside in their preserves and it will be an everyday event to meet butterflies, monkeys and cormorants.

Moreover Kerala has been chosen as one of the 13 paradises on earth by National Geographic Traveler. With an equable climate, lush green hill stations and a peaceful and long stretch of backwaters, there are numerous attractions for tourists in Kerala. If you wish to know the reasons behind visiting this awesome place, here are some you may take into account.

  • Visit the real paradise as this is God’s own country

Kerala is said to be God’s own country as people believe that God took his own sweet time to give an abundance of almost everything in this place. Kerala is a place which plays a vital role in contributing to Indian tourism and also is worthy of gaining the attention of tourists throughout the world. There are lot of options for tourism in this geographically rich state of Kerala and when you visit this place, you’ll have a wonderful opportunity to explore the pristine backwaters, boat races which will give a rush to your adrenaline and the lush green waterfalls. You can be a witness to modern cities with ancient culture, colorful festivals and delectable cuisine.

  • Cook your romantic story in the Kerala beaches

When you visit Kerala beaches, you can spend an unforgettable beach holiday. Be sure about feeling entirely rejuvenated after spending a few days in the beaches of Kerala. If you want to get a respite from the daily humdrum, you may relax on the golden beaches of this state, take a sip to the refreshing juice of coconut and get a masseur to treat you with an Ayurveda massage. The beaches offer extremely romantic ambience and also add charm to your romances.

Source Image : https://www.cocohouseboatskerala.com/
Source Image : https://www.cocohouseboatskerala.com/
  • Mountains form the magical paradise of Kerala

Yet another superb destination for the tourists to visit is the hill station of Kerala. It is well-known for the forest covers, quiet and calm backwaters, incredible sun-kissed beaches, and sea water. Moving around in such beautiful places is indeed a beautiful experience. Some of the popular hill stations are Wayanad, Munnar and Idukki where you can go for natural walks, wildlife treks, rock climbing and mountaineering. The hill stations of Kerala are definitely going to impress you.

  • Tangy and spicy cuisines of Kerala will make you remember their food

Another of Kerala’s hottest attractions it its cuisine as it is usually spicy and hot and offers you great vigour and taste. They use exotic fruits, fresh vegetables and aromatic spices which are grown locally. The Keralites have a special affinity towards fish and rice.

Source Image : https://greatindianfood.in
Source Image : https://greatindianfood.in
  • Tourists love the culture and art of Kerala

If you’re a lover of music, drama and dance, Kerala will prove to be a heaven for you. Their culture and art always attracts people from all over the nation as they have numerous forms of art which are all unique. Once you watch them, you can experience varied emotions and get feelings of kindness, passion, love, compassion, joy, mirth, sorrow, courage and valour.

So, if you wish to gain all the above mentioned experiences, don’t miss visiting Kerala. However make sure you save enough money before visiting this place as it may be a bit expensive due to its eclectic surroundings and hotspots.

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