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Have you asked yourself why do you travel? Well, the answer is very simple.We travel to lose ourselves to nature away from the monotonous dull and moron ways of life. At times when we tend to get suffocated we seek refuge to the undiscovered folds of nature. It is then we realize that there are many a things which remains undiscovered and it is then when we feel the hunger of spirit to explore the places and things we have not seen.

Our Objective: Bongyatra is one such medium which would true fully let you quench the thirst to do what you have never done, let you go to the places you have never been and help you to explore the undiscovered. Let us fulfill your search and let your soul break free from the ups and downs of the everyday the monotony of life. We would humbly be the medium which will allow you to explore the parts where have never explored. We have a noble mission of opening up a new chapter of the real you when you traverse to the deep forests or into the exotic beaches. You might as well be interested exploring the mountains. The nomad in you would find the desert inviting. In brief Bongyatra caters to any places in India as well as abroad.

Our customized service:Our team have specialized packages for every one. If you are interested in the religious places, there are special packages which designs you journey in such a way that you get the pleasure of attaining the maximum satisfaction leaving you mesmerized.

  • There are packages for the backpackers which will allow them to reapthe most of it while they enjoy and have an exotic adventure when we are there to keep you budget sting controlled. All you do is get wild with the adventure and leave the rest on to us.
  • Young couples, newly weds are the segment with rosy ideas. What areyou waiting for? All you need is to dream and name the destination.The rest will be taken care off be it the accommodation to let you have the most desired privacy or keeping in mind on the cost. We will design a package for the honeymoon couples which will look into all the matters which might be bothering you.
  • Special packages for the ones who are planning a trip with the wholefamily. Give your family the surprise with a well designed trip which would make your spouse feel proud off at the same time make the children happy and all you get is happiness leaving the worries to us.

Why Only Us: Bongyatra understands your rearm in the first place. We sit with you to understand the budget.

  • Since we believe in sharing and caring we always keep in mind what best can be delivered to you that’s for a simple reason we care for you.
  • Customize the packages which are just right for you.

Our Mission: We believe that if we see something and do not feel it means that you are just not caring so we want you to see and feel and be complete and Bongyatra is just the simple medium to fulfill what you see and feel.


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