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Admire the beauty of Sunderbans

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Sunderbans, the sprawling natural reserve is located towards the southern region of India in the state of West Bengal. It is one of the largest Tiger Reserve and National Park in India and encompasses various unexplored regions. Abounding in vegetative and wildlife, it attracts nature fans and adventure enthusiasts from all over the world. The dense mangrove forests of Sunderbans are world-famous.

There are numerous exciting and adventurous opportunities as you plan a trip to this exotic destination which is known for its mystical islands, quaint waterways, and creeks. The beauty of Sunderbans lies in exploring its rare variety of flora and fauna. Sunderbans is also acclaimed as the world Heritage Site and the vast expanse of it’s the National park offers the best opportunity to see the royal Bengal Tiger in its natural environs. Sunderbans is one of the most exciting and wonderful nature’s paradise nestled amidst the lap of Mother Nature. It is truly a photographer’s delight.

Surrounded by dense mangrove trees, the peace and tranquility of the region is at times only affected by the sound of the chirping birds. You can listen to the soft strains of gurgling streams of water and the loud musical tweet of a variety birds. The jungles of Sunderbans are a haven for the migratory birds which enhance the beauty of this verdant region. Few of the amazing tourist attractions in Sunderbans are Lothian Island Bird Sanctuary, Kapil Muni Temple, Halliday Island and Tin Kona Island.

Things to do in Sunderbans

Exciting boat cruise

Enjoy the National park during the evening by taking an exciting boat cruise and admire the scenic environs. You can see the vast expanse of Kash flowers and golden corn fields, thatched roofed huts, herons in the lake, lotus in ponds and spectacular glow of the setting sun.

Wildlife and bird watching in Sunderbans

In Sunderbans, the tourists get the unique chance to see a diverse set of wildlife, living in its natural habitat and the spectacular beauty of verdant nature. You can view animals such as blackbucks, cheetah, wild boar, monkeys, tigers, spotted deer, sambas, and elephants to name a few. A large array of beautiful birds migrates here such as red fowls. You can get a chance to see more than 200 bird species of birds such as sandpipers, plovers, kingfishers, whimbrels, and herons. It is full of ferocious alligators, crabs, and fishes. Sunderbans is also the nesting place for the rare species of turtles.


Many perennial rivers, as well as small tributaries, meander in this lush green region. You can also go for angling and fishing.

Luxurious resorts and hotels

There are many luxurious and high-end hotels and sprawling resorts. Sunderbans provides best of hotel accommodation services to all tourists.

Best time to visit

Sunderbans can be reached only through the waterways. It can be visited in summer, monsoon or winter.

The blossoming green environs of the massive National park, its diverse ecosystem, incredible encounter with the tiger, and other animals, watching unique species of birds make Sunderbans an ideal tourist destination.

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