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Adventure seeking destinations in South India – A respite for the dare-devils

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Are you someone who belongs to the squad of adventure seekers? If answered yes, South India has got numerous options that you may check out. Whether it’s trekking, snorkeling, wildlife safari, water sports, or trekking, South India offers it all. Although North India has gained enough momentum as compared to South India due to its proximity with nature and hills and mountains, South India is also not lagging behind. Bamboo rafting is extremely popular when it comes to water activities in the South.

Although daytime adventures are extreme fun, South India also has a long list of night-time jungle patrols which are even more adventurous than the day-time activities. Want to know a list of adventure activities and their apt places to visit? Read on the concerns of the article.

  • Bamboo rafting in Thekkady

Bamboo rafting is one of those best experiences that you get exclusively in South India and it is indeed a unique water activity. You can travel even through dense forests on such a bamboo raft which is a part and parcel of natural walk which belongs to the eco-tourism project. You can enjoy a panoramic view of the forests, lake, birds and animals while traveling on a bamboo raft. January to March and September to December are the best season to enjoy this activity.

Image Source : http://www.hellotravel.com/india/bamboo-rafting
  • Banana Boat Ride in Gokarna

Are you looking forward to some excitement and pure fun? If answered yes, hop into a banana boat and you will love what you experience for the next few minutes. In this specific ride, the banana boat is tied to another boat and then both are pulled inside the water and you’re all set splashing the waves. The rider even tries to turn you upside down and hence make sure you’re wearing a life jacket to stay safe. When you fall inside the waters, it feels great and being a true adventurer, the adrenaline rush is beyond expression.

  • Boating in Kochi

Just as the backwaters in Kerala, the backwaters of Kochi are also extremely popular with the palm-fringed surrounding. For the nature lovers and for the adventure lovers, this seems to be a good experience. There are normal boats, boathouses, ferries where you can enjoy the calm nature of Kochi and also spend time admiring nature.

  • Border hiking at Thekkady

How about a full-day trekking with some of the most splendid sights with elephants and gaurs roaming around? Doesn’t that seem to be exciting enough? Well, the best tie for trekking would be January to March and September to December. The cost for trekking is listed per person and usually it is 3000 per package.

  • Coracle ride in Hampi

Coracle in colloquial language is also known as Dongi and it is a bowl-shaped boat which is made of reed, hide and saplings. You can experience one of the most thrilling boat rides which will complete with high current tides, whirlpools and crocodiles which is usually done on Tungabhadra river. If you’re an adventure lover, riding on a coracle will definitely give you a thrilling experience. You have to pay Rs. 10 to 50 per person for this ride.

Image Source : http://www.india.com/travel/articles/21-thrilling-coracle-rides-karnataka/
  • Jungle Night patrol in Thekkady

When you visit the Periyar Tiger Reserve, you wouldn’t wish to miss out on the night patrol of the jungle which is extremely adventurous. Participating in these patrol groups is itself too thrilling and in this program, you can walk at night inside the Tiger Reserve. This would be an amazing experience.

So, if you’re looking forward to an adventurous respite in South India, try the above mentioned activities out as they will definitely give you an utter sense of satisfaction.

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