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Beaches and beer – The most companionable fortes making Tajpur an unavoidable holiday destination

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And the journey to Tajpur began as the bus left Esplanade terminus. I had no prior planning until my husband surprised me on a Thursday night with a booking slip for two nights at Lovely Resort in Tajpur. We actually were having a tough time with hectic and busy work schedule; we even were not getting time to properly interact. So I became fussy a bit and then my dear, understanding hubby gifted me with the surprise trip. On Saturday morning we boarded the bus at about 6 am and as I told, our journey began.

On the way, the bus halted at Kolaghat where we had a sumptuous breakfast at Sher-E-Punjab Dhaba. At around 11 am we got down at Balisahi. And then we took a van (though the hotelier could arrange transit) to our destination – Lovely Resort – to enjoy the remote-village flavor. It was a short journey of 4 to 5 kms along the village path keeping forests of Casuarina and Tamarisk trees by your sides.

The enchanting and romantic beach

After reaching there and getting freshened up, we took our way walking to the beaches. Tajpur beach is recently discovered and so it manages to maintain its virginity until now at least. Though there was no dearth of tourists, the beach is still uncommercialized and unspoilt. Tajpur is different from other popular beaches that provide the travelers with a full time sea view. As we reached the beach I was quite astonished. The sea retreated almost 2 kms away leaving behind innumerable sea shells on the wet beach. It was the time of low tide and white muddy sand was covered with small red crabs running here and there. In fact they made a red layer on the sand that looked like red carpet from distance. And as I moved close they might feel the vibration of my feet and plunged themselves into the sand holes created by themselves only – it was really amusing.  We took a walk till the lagoon at the beach end and there was none else other than us at that point.  It was raining pitter-patter which gave the ambience an inexpressible romantic feel. It simply made my day.

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Tajpur beach is like a distinct island maintaining its innate vegetation mainly consisted of casuarina plantation and natural mangrove growths and this makes it different from other destinations along the coastline.

Our trip couldn’t be happily completed without spending a dreamy evening with beer pint and fried fishes. The rain was no more at the sun was about to set when we again came to the beach after having our lunch and a refreshing nap. There was a number of food stalls run by local folks. They prepare delicious fried items of fish, shrimp, lobster and crab. My foodie husband didn’t miss a single chance to savour the delicacies with every sip of beer. Everything out there was so passionate. I just loved the beach. It was a place where I could relax completely. All the tenseness just faded away when I was on the serene beach. The calming roar of the waves, the blue sky over the head, the gentle and soothing sea breeze and lying on the sand – it was amazing and comforting that what more I would say.

Tajpur’s attractions

What I found most attractive in Tajpur was its beauty. The consoling sea, patches of Casuarina and eucalyptus forest, the crescent shaped tranquil beach layered with a red carpet of red crabs, the mundane life of the fishermen at the local villages, pleasant surrounding with the lagoon just a kilometer away and last but not the least, fish market at the lagoon area and endless fish, prawn and crab delicacies – everything insisted me to visit the beach again and again.

Source Picture:http://www.denzongleisure.com/


We booked a car for the whole Sunday to visit nearby popular beaches such as Digha, Mandarmani, Talsari and Udaypur. Compared to Tajpur, I found them less alluring. Though Talsari, Shankarpur and Udaypur managed to maintain its virginity, Digha and Mandarmoni was so crowded that I could hardly enjoy the beauty of the beach.

Where to stay:  There are a number of hotels as well as resorts in Tajpur to ensure good stay to the travelers. To name some of them,

  • Tajpur Beach Resort
  • Lovely Resort
  • Lake View Village Resort
  • Sagar Kinare
  • The Blue Lagoon Resort
  • Hotel Abasar

How to get in:  The distance between Kolkata and Tajpur is around 170 kms while it is only 17 kms from Digha along Kanthi-Digha Road by road.

By bus – Buses are available from Esplanad bus stand frequently from 4 am in the morning. You need to get off at Balisahi after Chawalkhola. Tajpur sea beach is a 15 min ride by car from Balisahi. Local vans are also available.

By train:

  • Tamralipta express
  • Kandari express
  • Duronto Express
  • Paharia express

 What to do:

  • Loitering on the sea beach
  • Going for sightseeing
  • Wandering amidst Casuarina forest
  • Visiting local fisherman’s villages
  • Spending leisure time

When to go:  Can be explored at any time of the year

What to eat:  The site is best known for pisciculture. You will find plenty of sea fishes especially in the lagoon area. You can buy fishes from there and ask the local vendors having stalls (jhupris) on the beach to fry the fishes that go the best with beer.  You may also try crabs, prawns etc.

Tajpur is the best resort to take a break from your monotonous daily routine.

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