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Best Places to Visit in Egypt

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Egypt is well known to us. It is one of the most historic lands where you will find spectacular sites and structures to discover.  Rich in history and culture this country just drowns in travelers. It is a great venue for a holiday with loads of great sites to see. Some of the amazing places that will make your visit a lifetime experience are:


Pyramids of Giza – This is definitely a must see while you are in Egypt. The Great Pyramids are clearly the masterpiece grand structures of all time. To see them on TV and in books, to read about them and hear what others say is one thing, to go there yourself and see the sheer scale of them and their magnificence really takes your breath away. You really have to see the pyramids to realize how big they really are. You cannot appreciate their size from television programmes. They are truly magnificent.

Pyramids of Giza, Egypt


Great Sphinx –  If you are visiting the Pyramids of Giza, you must also visit the nearby Sphinx. This great structure is eroding yet still standing majestically in this desert dry area. It is so surreal to be standing in front of it. Walking around this amazing piece of history, your head is just full of imagination about everything that people use to do back then. Even with all of the pictures that we see of Sphinx, nothing can really prepare you for the time that you finally see it with your own eyes. The body of a lion with the head of a king or god & carved from the bedrock of Giza Plateau, Sphinx has come to symbolize strength & wisdom. It is truly a mysterious marvel from the days of ancient Egypt. It’s a must-see place in Cairo tour.


The Great Egyptian Museum – The History in the museum is one of the greatest and oldest in the world. You need at least a whole day to really do justice to this museum. If you are a museum fan who likes to read the description of each exhibit you’d probably need two days. The statues, relics and other articles are beautifully explained and preserved. Seeing the real mummies is definitely a highlight.

Nocturnal Egyptian Museum at Tahrir Square, Cairo - photo Hans Ollermann 2016.


Temple of Karnak – The Karnak Temple is perhaps one of the most imposing remnants of the past Egyptian grandeur. This is a sprawling temple complex with over three thousand years of history behind it. It is literally stunning and is a treasure trove for anyone interested in Egyptian history. The columns in the temple simply will take your breath away. The many different sights at this ancient temple are incredible. And so is the sound and the light show that tells the story of its glorious past. You’ll need to gear up your camera as every corner of the temple is a picture perfect scene of Egypt’s rich history. If you are interested in history, you can hire a tour guide from a local agency who would ensure that you do not miss anything interesting.

The Karnak Temple Complex. Luxor, Egypt.


Valley of the Kings – The Valley of the Kings is a mind-numbingly impressive site, surrounded as it is by towering cliffs and the pyramid mountain at the top.  The Valley of Kings is the place where generations of pharaohs and nobles were buried in great splendor, housed in crypts cut into the cliffs. The amazing blue Egyptian sky and the heat only enhance an already magnificent location. The quality and degree of preservation of the hieroglyphics and painting is staggering. There are more than about 60 tombs. The condition of the tombs and the details on the walls are incredible after all these centuries. It’s breathtaking when you walk into the entrance and look up at the ceiling and walls and see all the scenes depicted.

Valley of the Kings - Luxor

If you are visiting Egypt and are fascinated by history, the places mentioned above should be on your list. The Museum of Egypt in Cairo, which has much more to see than you can expect; the Valley of the Kings with amazingly colourful tombs; the huge Karnak temple, and every other site just offers something new and interesting.The shear scale of these things cannot be appreciated from photos, you really need to go here and experience them for yourself.

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