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Christmas Carnival in Goa – The best place for a December Bonanza

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Escaping to Goa in December is definitely on the bucket list of every traveler in India and tourists from abroad. The impact of this tiny state in South India is so profound that people irrespective of their gender, religion and age unanimously love to visit this place. Goa is one of the most beautiful places which is gifted with some of the pristine beaches in India and it also has a pleasant climate with lot of greenery. The people in Goa are the most chilled out ones. The moment we utter the word Goa, we conjure up images of excitement, fun and relaxation. Given that December is the best time to visit Goa, we at BongYatra will offer you some reasons behind Goa being considered as the ultimate escape. It’s 20 degree Celsius now in Goa and check out how Goa comes to life when all the other states of India are freezing to death.

Attending a midnight mass

This is definitely not unknown to you that Goa is home to more than 400 churches, both small and big and hence there’s not any better way to celebrate Christmas than to take shelter in Goa. You can attend a midnight mass service for which the Immaculate Conception Church and the Basilica of Bom Jesus are 2 of the best options. Pay thanks to Jesus for his blessings, say a silent prayer and join your hands in singing hymns and carols. This service starts at 10 pm and you should hence be on time to grab a seat.

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Indulge in an extravagant dinner

It is true that the food in Goa is always of a good standard but during Christmas it is exceptionally awesome. You can definitely treat yourself to a sumptuous Christmas dinner at some shack on the beach or a fancy restaurant. Have some delicious dishes like pork sorpotel, roast turkey and some kind of assortment of grilled seafood. The cost that you may incur on a meal will be somewhere between 500 Rs. in a small restaurant to Rs. 3000 at some fancy fine dine hotel.

The fireworks at the beach is something you shouldn’t miss watching

You can head out to the beaches of Goa and set out a blanket only to sit back and relax to watch the fireworks lighting up the sky at midnight both on the eve of Christmas and New Year. The Baga beach and Calangute beach are the best beaches to watch fireworks while in South Goa, Bogmalo Beach and Colva beach are the ones you should head to. You may even opt for impromptu dance parties if you love to dance.

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Burning the old man, a tradition still kept alive

This is not exactly a part of Christmas celebration but there is this tradition of burning an old man may of hay and old clothes which is still maintained by the native Goans. They create several effigies which resemble old men and when they’re set on fire, this signified destruction of all worries of the last year.

Let your hair down and dance away to glory

The famous Sunburn Music Festival usually takes place between 27th December and 30th December on the beaches of Vagator. This music festival is deemed to be the biggest music festival of Asia where you will get electronic music showcases by some of the most talented and prominent Indian and international musicians. If you wish to celebrate your Christmas holidays by literally letting your hair down, this is the event to attend!

There are many ways in which you can spend Christmas in Goa, whether you party on the beaches or indulge in some extravagant dinner or walk on the silent beach with your family and loved ones, there are lots that you can do. So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and set out for Goa!

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