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Create a lifetime experience by visiting Bhutan – Promising reasons to go to Bhutan

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Also called the Land of Thunder Dragon, Bhutan is well-known for its legendary and ancient fortresses & temples, picturesque landscapes, colorful festivals, spicy and delicious food and majorly for its authenticity. Do you wish to slow down the fast pace of your busy life and relish few quiet and calm moments in the lap of Himalayas? If answered yes, Bhutan is the ultimate place for you. The charms offered by this Himalayan Kingdom are knitted so well that you’ll find it tough to forget. Moreover the government doesn’t leave any stone unturned to preserve the history culture and untouched tradition of Bhutan.

Happiness is the key to tourism in Bhutan as it is the only country to keep a strict measurement of GNH or Gross National Happiness which indicates prosperity. You might feel that Bhutan is one of the most expensive destinations for traveling but it is actually not so. With prior planning and research, you can definitely save a few of your dollars here and there and make it a trip within your budget.

Promising reasons to not miss Bhutan

  • Tiger’s Nest Monastery is an awestruck tourist-spot

The legendary Tiger’s Nest Monastery or the Tatsang Goemba is perched at a whopping height of 3000m on a steep vertical cliff. People in Bhutan believe that Guru Rinpoche used to fly to this cliff on a flaming tigress in order to meditate in the calm environment. This is touted to be one of the most holy and auspicious site for the Buddhist pilgrims.

  • Thimphu, the capital of Bhutan shouldn’t be missed

This is the only capital in the world without traffic lights and if you’re on a vacation to Bhutan, ensure traveling to this small capital, Thimphu. It is home to conventional Bhutanese culture, art and tradition. The architecture of Thimphu is decorated with numerous wooden houses and concrete buildings which are constructed in the typical Bhutanese style.

  • Punakha festival is the best way to seep in the culture of Bhutan

If you are eager to get into the skin of Bhutan, experience the festive celebrations of the Punakha festival. Be a witness to the conventional Bhutanese masquerade dance and the enactments of how the Bhutanese tasted victory of invading Tibet. The battle scenes are accompanied by numerous firecrackers and the entire scene is acted in one of the beautiful buildings in Bhutan, the Punakha Dzong. The festival gets its name from the building where it is celebrated.

masked dancers at drupchen festival in the dzong of Punakha, Bhutan. Drupchen festival is taking place yearly in march. Image Source : mountainmonks.in
  • Visit Dochula Pass in the memory of Bhutanese soldiers

This Pass is an amalgamation of 108 Stupas or Chortens which were built in the fond memory of Bhutanese soldiers who were all killed in the 2003 war against the Indian insurgents. You will get a panoramic 360 degree view of the stunning valleys which overlook the snow-capped mountains.

  • Red Panda Brewery is a must-visit for the beer-lovers

If you had been thinking that Bhutan is all about tradition and culture, you’re mistaken as there’s more to it. Don’t miss to visit the country’s first established brewery which is also known as the Red Panda brewer which came into existence in 2006 by Fritz Maurer. The beer you get here is brewed from wheat and is hence very strong, particularly at high altitude.

So, if you’re an Indian who is thinking of traveling to some neighbouring foreign land, Bhutan should definitely be included in your list. It is considered as one of the most beautiful destinations lying close to India and which can be visited without a passport. Don’t forget to visit the above mentioned hot spots to make your trip a memorable one.

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