It is Darjeeling that evokes my Himalayan passion. To me Darjeeling means Kangchenjunga; Darjeeling means nostalgia. I returned back from my Darjeeling trip a month back; it was my fifth trip to the Queen of the hills and I swear, I never get tired to visit my dream destination time and again as it recharges my spirit and energy every time I visit this cozy town.

Whenever I visit the town, I remain restless to have the first look of Kangchenjunga – the complete view of the entire range.  Nothing could be more majestic than snowcapped Kangchenjunga dazzling in the rays of the sun.

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It simply greets me with its beauty. No I don’t rush for any trip to Tiger Hill or Sandakphu. The first view of Kangchenjunga, from the hotel window is more than enough to fulfill my desire for nature and its beauty.

Darjeeling is one of most visited tourist destinations of the Indian state West Bengal. It is easy on the pocket too so tourists and travelers across the state, country and even abroad come to see the stunning beauty of this peaceful hill station.

There’s a lot to see in Darjeeling – sunrise from Tiger Hill, zoological park, Himalayan Mountaineering institute, Bhutia Busty Gompa, Ghoom Monastery, Japanese Peace Pagoda and lots more. But as I told, what attracts me the most is its natural splendor and its delectable cuisines;.’s true. The town is the best place to indulge your taste buds. Let me tell you in brief.

What I like the most about Darjeeling

To enjoy my trip at Darjeeling, the first thing I explore the joyful toy train ride from Karseong along the captivating mountain ranges and surging tea gardens.

I love watching the first ray of sun from my window, the magical glimpses of sunset over Kanchenjunga. I love the quaint colonial flavor, the lush green wide-ranging tea gardens, the snow clad mountains and what not.

Another thing I just love to travel around  is the Mall Road – strolling along the mystic winding tree-shaded Mall Road and re-exploring the Himalayan ranges and of course the rare Rhododendrons are something for which I can come to Darjeeling again and again.

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The road is basically a mountain walkway that the British people once used for having relaxing strolls and to take the pleasure of sheer tranquility.

The food here is awesome

Another thing that pulls me towards Darjeeling is its native cuisine. Rice, noodles and potatoes comprise dominant part of the staple food in the town as perhaps it goes well with the climate. Apart from the staple ones, you must try momos – the Tibetan version of dumplings stuffed with usually chicken or vegetables, thukpa – a hot noodle soup mixed with vegetable, egg and meat, alu dam – yess, it is a famous Nepali and Bengali side dish, the Darjeeling version of which you’ll just love to taste and shaphalay – Tibetan bread well stuffed with meat.

When in Darjeeling, not having a cup of steaming hot nicely flavored Darjeeling tea will be sheer injustice at least to me. I am a typical tea lover and when in Darjeeling it sometimes becomes an addiction to have tea sitting on the terrace of Keventer’s.

it’s Keventer’s – the dear eatery. The century old establishment has made itself famous for serving the best English breakfast, awesome tea and snacks. The meat loaf and eggs, sausages, cutlets, salamis, lollipops, burgers, sandwiches – both chicken and pork versions are just mouth-watering and extremely sumptuous. If you plan to visit Darjeeling, I must tell you to have your breakfast and evening snacks at Keventer’s.

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I am a diehard chocolate lover and that is another reason I love to visit Darjeeling.  Apart from Keventer’s, the other name that comes to mind when talking about food in Darjeeling is Glenary’s. Just a few steps from Keventer’s towards the Mall Road, you’ll find Glenary’s – the Mecca of chocolate lovers. This is also century old and was established in British colonial days. The building has three sections – bakery and café, bar and restaurant. But what I like the most here are the rum chocolates and cream rolls apart from other chocolates and confectionary items.

Darjeeling has always indulged my quest for life with its plethora of natural treasure. Besides I have shared how I used to explore other sides of this small hill station. Hope you all will also like what I have always liked about the Queen of Hill. Don’t miss even a single chance to have a toy train trip from Karseong to Darjeeling, strolling along the quiet Mall road and of course pamper your passion for Darjeeling-special delicacies.

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