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Digboi – The Oil City

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Digboi is known as the Oil City of Assam where the first oil well in Asia was drilled. The Britishers use to motivate the native labors with a word “DIG BOY DIG”, and gradually the forest area known as Digboi.

One of the oldest refineries in Asia, Digboi Oil Refinery is situated in the Tinsukia district of Assam. It is considered as the birthplace of Indian Oil Industry that was set up in 1901. Today Digboi is the oldest running oil field in the world and it is considered as one of the oldest technical marvels of Assam. Also known as “Gangotri of the Indian Hydrocarbon Sector”, this refinery will show you how modern techniques are used to produce petroleum products like wax, bitumen, fuel, etc. The refinery complex encompasses a well-maintained museum with interesting exhibits. It gives an insight into the oil exploration history of Digboi, providing a detailed display of various technologies and types of equipment used in E&P and refining business. It also holds memorable photographs and other collectibles for an oil industry enthusiast or historian. The main attraction of this museum is the Well No. 1, the first well to produce commercial oil production in India. This is the well that kick-started a new era of Indian energy industry. Once here you can also visit the highest point in the hilly terrain of Digboi that lies within the operational area of Oil India Limited and Digboi Lake, a very scenic and lovely place to visit with friends and family. The calm environment of the lake lets one enjoy relaxed moments with their loved ones. One can take a stroll through the greenery of the park and engage in boating to spend some time in serene peace. You can click some really good photographic moments from the bridge of the lake with the reflection of the refinery that is


This is a must see if you happen to be in this part of Assam. The lush tea gardens of Margherita and the Dibru Saikhowa Wildlife Sanctuary are a few of the nearby popular places worth visiting. In Digboi, nature always wears the colors of the spirit. The climate is awesome. The pleasant weather here will welcome you throughout the year but you need to avoid the months between July to September when it rains heavily. Winter is the best time to visit here.

The most convenient way to reach the place from the city of Kolkata would be to take a flight from Kolkata Airport to Mohanbari Airport of Dibrugarh which is 65kms away from Digboi refinery and then book a cab.


Oil, known as the new gold is of no worth and the oldest oil well is situated in India. Digboi is a history lover’s paradise as the unique museum here depicts the early oil exploration, unforgettable hardships, primitive distillation method and the die hard spirit of the English entrepreneurs. and if you have an interest in history, you should definitely come and explore this place soon which would be a memorable experience for you.

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