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Eateries in Delhi Every Bong would Love

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As they say, You can take the Bong out of Kolkata but you cannot take Kolkata out of a Bong. Kolkata is a city full of zest and sweetness, and leaves this mark on its inhabitants as well, be it a Bengali or a non- Bengali. Keeping aside their love for afternoon naps, and obsession over ‘pashbaalish’, their craze for food surpasses it all. For decades now, Bengali’s have and will continue to take pride in their food. It doesn’t stop at that, they make sure that people around them, hailing from any corner of the world fall for it as well, as they have something or the other in store for everyone.

If these were the Bengali’s, then we at Dilwalon ki Dilli aren’t falling behind as well. Delhi, a city where all religions and all regions converge, has a special little corner in it’s heart for Bengalis. Delhi tries it’s best at not making the Bengali’s miss their home. With the addition of the typical aloo in the Biryani, the onions in the chop, and chashni dripping down the mishtis.  

Here’s listing down restaurants in the capital, Delhi that will fill your mouth the typical Bengali flavors.


  • Oh Calcutta!


Situated in: Nehru Place and Gurugram

Famous for: Tomato and Jaggery Chutney, Kosha Mangsho, and Shorshey Bhapa Chingri


  • Maa Tara


Situated in: Market No. 2 in Chittaranjan Park

Famous for: Most authentic Kosha Mangsho


  • City of Joy


Situated in: Alaknanda, CR Park

Famous for: Jhurri Jhurri dal-aloo bhaja, Phool-Kopir dalna, and Daab Chingri. Even Fish Kobiraji is a must try!


  • Kolkata Biryani House


Situated in: Market No. 1, CR Park

Famous for: The ‘real’ Biryani with aloo and a boiled egg.


  • Bong Appetite


Situated in: Malviya Nagar Main Market

Famous for: The most authentic Potoler Dolma along with Mutton Ghugni. Also one must not miss their Bhetki Paturi.


  • Bijoli Grill


Situated in: Banga Bhawan in Barakhamba Road

Famous for: Their admirable Daab Chingri and Aloo Posto


On an ending note, after relishing all of this rich Bengali Heritage, just sneak a peek into the desert section of these restaurants. Trust me, you wouldn’t regret this decision. From Sondesh, to Patishapta, and a long list of sweet savories will give you a hard time to decide. So leave some space in that belly, and have these must-try sweet dishes.


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