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Escape to a hell-of-a road trip – Exploring South India on your 2-wheeler

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Travel is perhaps the sole thing which you buy in order to make yourself richer. A road trip to South India was not anything less than a blessing in disguise, a gift which can enrich you with experience and give you a broader and better mindset about life. If you haven’t ever gone out for a road trip to South India and this is your first one, you can be sure that it is definitely going to be the most enriching among all your previous trips.

Till now if you have only visited the various hilly areas of North India, this trip is definitely going to be a journey of a young mind where a North Indian will be introduced to South India in the best way possible, moving through the roads of South India. So are you all set to know about the best destinations that you should cover on your next road trip to South India? Then let’s go for it.

Starting your road trip from Udupi in Karnataka

You can start your trip from Karnataka in a place called Udupi and end it at the same place. You can make the trip even more special by taking 2 different routes while on your way out of Udupi and back to Udupi. Elephants and the jungles remain the highlight of the trip. Make sure you carry hiking shoes and mosquito repellents and also a small bag of salt so that you may soon get rid of leeches if they attack you.


Udupi: The Krishna Temple is definitely worth seeing through the nearby beaches and then you can drive down to Coorg. In order to travel to Coorg from Udupi, you may even try hiring a car as it will take 5 hours by road.

Coorg: This place is fresh and lush green and it is called the land of pepper plantations and coffee. You can check out the wide variety of waterfalls and pay a definite visit to Dubare Elephant Training Camp. Don’t forget to check out the Buddhist Monastery as you get a serene feeling there.

Mysore: You can get a breathtaking view from Mysore Palace as it is en route to Madumalai National Park.  Hence you should certainly stop to visit this palace. If you would love to buy sild sarees for your wife, this is the perfect place to get Mysore silk sarees.


Coonoor Road: Coonoor and Ooty are two different towns which are set 20 kms apart from each other. Coonoor is the land of beautiful spices, tea gardens and natural oils. On the other hand, Ooty is a town which is home to a large number of lakes and you shouldn’t miss the Chocolate Museum when you visit Ooty. Tourists and travelers should also take a ride through the Toy Train which runs between Ooty and Coonoor and experience the immensely scenic landscapes and splendid views.

Kozhikode: This is a town which is also called Calicut and the temples and beaches are the main attraction of this town. This town is recorded to be the first place where Vasco Da Gama came for trade from Europe. From here you get a direct train which can take you back to Mangalore and again another direct train can take you back to Udupi.

So, aren’t you intrigued after reading how you can go for a hell-of-a trip to the Southern India? Take into account the destinations mentioned above and don’t forget to visit the main areas that have been highlighted in the article.

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