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Explore the Astounding Edakkal Caves

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Situated at an altitude of 4,000 feet above sea level on the Ambukutty Mala hills, these caves are naturally occurring masterpieces. They were formed as the result of a mighty boulder making a fissure in the rock.

The Edakkal Caves are famous for their etchings and pictorial paintings dating back to the Neolithic Age (6000 B.C.), thus qualifying as evidence of some of the earliest human habitation. Inside these two-chambered caves, you can find carvings of human figures, animal figures, ancient weapons, and symbols.

Many legends are related to these astounding caves, which are of major interest to all its visitors. One of the legends states that these caves were formed because of the arrows fired by Lava and Kusha, Lord Rama’s sons. Another one is related to Kutti Chathan and the Goddess Mudiampilly. It is said that the locals would visit these caves to honour the Goddess.

An easy guide to get to these caves includes a short trek up the Ambukutty Mala hills. Situated at a distance of 6 kilometres, Ambalavayalal, is the nearest town. Sulthan Bathery is the nearest KSRTC bus station at a distance of 14 kilometres from the caves. The ideal time to give these caves a visit with your family is early in the morning or in the evening, when the heat has mellowed down.

Home to these magnificent caves; Kerala is unarguably one of the most attractive places on earth. It draws the name ‘God’s Own Country’ because of its unrestrained beauty and rich culture. Tucked away to the north-east of the state is Wayanad. Embedded with serene charm, hilltops, waterfalls, varied flora and fauna, and rich tribal culture, Wayanad is truly a green paradise waiting to be unraveled.

Tribes such as the Paniyas, Kurumas, Kurichias, and the Kattunaykas are some of the natives living here. These indigenous tribes form an important thread to the history of Kerala since they date back several centuries.

The culture of Wayanad is distinctive from the overall culture of Kerala since the people here abide by their own traditions. They worship elements of nature, and have a high regard for their ancestors.

To explore this intriguing culture of Wayanad during one of your family vacations to Kerala, the Edakkal Caves should be on your must-visit list.

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