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Exploring the future of Ghost tourism in West Bengal

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Exploring the future of Ghost tourism in West Bengal


Ghost tourism is one of the newest developments in the domain of tourism. The term essentially means visiting places that are supposed to be haunted. These days, different kinds of ghost tours are being organized but in essence they all have a few areas of similarity. These tours are also referred to as haunted history walk or ghost walk. Like normal tours, here too you will have guides who will tell you stories about various ghosts that are supposed to frequent the location you are visiting, inform you about the legends of that particular location, and make you aware of its history.

There is a definite reason that this kind of tourism is going to become popular in the days to come. There are a lot of people who like indulging in such activities – one of a paranormal nature – and these people also like to visit places that are either haunted in the present or were haunted in the past.


It is expected that this destination in Bengal is soon to become one of the first batch of spots in the state that are officially nominated for ghost tourism. It is located in Purulia district – at a distance of around 260 km from Kolkata – and has been abandoned for more than 40 years.

Why has it been abandoned?

If the locals are to be believed it has been in that state since 1960s and they have always felt the existence of paranormal entities over there. People who once used to commute regularly had seen a lady in white saree walking beside the railway line and then just vanishing in thin air. Even as time passed and these sightings became more regular people in the railways, workers  expressed their disagreement in working over there. One employee, however, stayed back but was found dead the very next day.

Reopened in 2009

The station was reopened in 2009 by the-then union railways minister Mamata Banerjee. At that time Banerjee – now enjoying her second term in office as the chief minister of Bengal – had dismissed the rumours. After that trains started to halt at that location but people were still afraid to go there.

A chance for ghost tourism

A body for paranormal research, based in Kolkata, has understood the potential of drawing people to this haunted location and thus adding it on the ghost tourism map in the state. It is expected that guided ghost tours to this location would start soon enough. The package is expected to include travel, accommodation at a hotel, and also a visit to the place at midnight. A session of storytelling is also expected to feature, where people will be informed about the haunted history of Begunkodar.

How can this become popular?

The tour is supposed to be organized in association with a tour operator that operates in the region. It is expected that a lot of people would love going on this trip for the simple reason that it promises to be a thrilling experience.

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