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Fascinating Tourist Destinations of Daman and Diu

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Daman and Diu are seaside locations near Gujarat in the Arabian Sea. Daman and Diu is comprised of sun-bathed beaches, colonial forts, and renowned churches. Rich heritage and culture of this place offer lively festive days and a bustling nightlife to its tourists. The combination of natural beauty and man-made attractions allure numerous global travelers.

Chakratirth Beach, Diu

Chakratirth Beach

ONE of the popular beaches in Diu is Chakratirth Beach that enjoys a central location, adjacent to the town. Spending vacation in this enchanting beach gives the opportunity to break away from the monotony of life and soak up in fun. If you are a lover of sea and surfing then this is a must visit. Spending time here is a moment of blissful solitude.

The surrounding landscape predominated by hills makes it more picturesque. Chakratirth Beach is incomplete without mentioning the sunset point and quaint temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. The landscape and well-maintained gardens are an aesthetic delight.

Naida Caves, Diu

Cave Structure

Located outside the city wall of Diu fort, the Naida Caves were constructed by Portuguese. These Caves vary in shape and size. Diu’s Naida Caves have a natural opening in the ground extending beyond the zone of light and have been one of the magnificent natural attractions since prehistoric times.

Jain Temple, Daman

Jain temple, Daman

The Jain temple Daman is located to the northern region of the very impressive and famous Nani Daman Fort. It comprises of refined mural painting, the sight of which will completely enthrall you. Most of these paintings belong to 18th century.

The specialty of this temple is its exquisitely and intricately designed and decorated inner walls, with elegant glass cover. These murals represent the life of Mahavir Swami.

There are many travelers who take a trip to Daman to visit the Holy places asking with the beaches. Of the various religious places in Damon, Jain temple attracts tourists to the fullest extent.

Dominican monastery, Daman

Dominican Monastery

Dominican monastery is a seminar of great honor and reputation. The captivating feature of this monastery is the elaborately and intricately carved out floral stone placed at the abode of the main Altar. It previously served as the headquarters of theological studies. Many scholars from far and wide previously visited before the downfall which remains an unsolved mystery. You may visit during 3rd Sunday of December. During this time a public mass is held in honor of St. Dominic.

Kadaiya Lake Garden, Daman


Popularly known as Mirasol lake garden, this is a man-made wonder which is encircled by a magnificent lake surrounded by two lovely islands connected by a bridge. It is graced with fountains and the addition of amusements like computer games, toy trains adds fun to the beautiful experience. It facilitates Go Carty, Jumper boats and other rides that will surely make your day.


Besides the natural beauty, you can also enjoy the delicacies and mouth watering seafood with the touch of both Indian and Portuguese influence. You will love to spend your holidays at Daman and Diu, viewing the captivating sights of the sun, sand and the sea. The beaches offer immense beauty and tranquility to its visitors.

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