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From Nawabi culture to great food – Valid reasons to visit Lucknow if you still haven’t

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The city of Nawabs, Lucknow, defines civility and manners in the most perfect manner. Lucknow is divinely perched on the banks of Gomti River; this place is not only revered for its ‘tehzeeb’ but also for its music, culture, art and poetry. Being one of the oldest cities in India, it directly connects its people with the history of India, relapsing to the 13th century. Soon after the acquisition of the Nawab of Awadhs, this city got back its glory of being called one of the most intellectual cities of culture and superior class. The eccentricity of its inhabitants and their refined way of living entirely changed the face of Lucknow.

The adaptability of this endearing city is spread throughout a wide orbit and it excels in all dimensions which someone could possibly think of. Right from dance, music, culture to architecture and sophistication, you’ll get the best of everything in Lucknow. For many centuries now, Lucknow has been one of the prime metropolitan cities in India. If you’re planning to visit the city of Nawabs, wouldn’t you want to know some reasons behind visiting the same? Check them out.

#1: The yummy Lucknowi Awadhi Biriyani

The delicious plate of Lucknowi Awadhi biriyani is unique and special in the way it is cooked. Aromatic rice and meat are cooked separately and then they’re layered on top of each other and cooked on a ‘dum’. The people of Lucknow swear by the name of biriyani and claim that it is light, aromatic and flavored than all the other types of biriyani. Lallaji’s Biriyani and Wahid Mia’s biriyani are two of the world-famous places to have this delicious cuisine.

#2: The Bara Imambara

The 4th Nawab of Awadh, Asaf-ud-Daula built the Bara Imambara in 1784 and initially it was built as a portion of the relief project which rose from a major famine which took place in the same year. But now the Imambara stands testimony to the rich history of Lucknow and its favorite among everyone who visits the city.

#3: The splendid railway station – Char Mahal

If you haven’t seen the Char Bagh railway station in Lucknow, you still haven’t seen the most beautiful rail stations. As the name suggests, ‘Char Bagh’ refers to the 4 gardens which were present there. The railway station actually looks like a royal palace with clusters and towers of Awadhi domes.

#4: A romantic ride through the marine drive

No, don’t mistake this to be a Mumbai spot! This Marine Drive in Lucknow is a strip of road beside the Gomti River and it is one of the frequently visited places for the younger generation. The mesmerising scenic beauty, cool breeze is soon catching up as the most favorite zone.

#5: A solution to all your shopping woes at Hazratgunj

This place offers the perfect mixture of Awadh and British structures and it is the heart of the city. A visit to Lucknow would never be complete without you visiting the Hazratgunj market.  This is an area which has lots of shopping, a place to have run and numerous street food outlets where you can have fun and a relaxed weekend while soaking in heritage and culture at its best.

#6: The traditional Kebab paranthas of Rahim ki Nihari

The travelers and tourists who have already visited Lucknow are majorly impressed by their tehzeeb. They are taken away by the soft and gentle manner in which they speak. Conventional special dishes like nahari kulcha, kabab parantha, paani ke batasey and biriyani are some of the famous dishes that you should try here. Once you visit Lucknow, you should definitely taste them.

So, what are you waiting for? Now that you know the good and worthy reasons to travel to Lucknow, make sure you make a ticket to the place of Nawabs and experience their Nawabi lifestyle.

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