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Haflong- The Ant Hill

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Dotted by the gorgeous green hills and the gushing water streams and waterfalls, Haflong, Assam’s only hill station that is popularly known as the White ant hillock, is an excellent place to spend holidays.

The rich cultural heritage and picturesque beauty of this place appeal tourists. Any season of the year would be perfectly apt to visit this amazing site as it offers pleasant weather throughout the year. You can explore the historical sites and the cultural attractions which draw innumerable tourists all around the year. It boasts of its rich wildlife, tranquil ambiance and lovely green rolling hills that are most famous among campers, nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts. It attracts tourists throughout the year. The magnificent valleys of this place offer the tourists the joy of engaging in fun and adventurous activities like trekking, paragliding, gliding, camping, and photography. The Haflong Lake, being one of the major attractions of this town, is the ideal spot for any tranquility seeker. The lake offers a marvelous view of the Himalayas and also grants the chance to engage in boating. Visitors love spending a day sitting by the river bank and taking boat rides that are extremely helpful in taking away one’s travel fatigue and offering relaxation along with enjoying the beauty of the waters parallelly. Bird watching is one of the most famous activities in this region as the lake is the abode to several distinct species of birds. The scenic village of Jatinga, the picturesque landscape of Imphal, and the gorgeous terracotta temples of Bishnupur near Haflong should not be missed. At a distance of around 47km away from Haflong, Maibong is another fascinating spot which in the ancient times used to be the capital of the Dimasa Kanchari kingdom that existed from the 16th to the 18th century and is still known to preserve the ruins of the once thriving capital of the kingdom.

The monsoon season starting from the month of June till September is the time when the beauty and appeal of Haflong is at its best. And the cool and soothing climate during the winter months of October till February is more apt for sightseeing. The alluringly pleasant weather of the place makes it suitable for its visitors to witness the beauty of the hills almost at any time of the year. Due to non-availability of direct flight or train, the favorable option to travel to this beautiful destination would be to travel by flight or by train from Kolkata to Guwahati and then hire a cab to Haflong from Guwahati. You can even avail a bus to reach your destination as there is frequent flow of buses to Haflong.

It is a gorgeous destination for spending holidays. This place is full of adventure and you can enjoy the awesome weather all around the year. The spectacular sight of the adjacent mountains and the dense forests make it a place worth visiting. The hand-woven products available here are extremely famous. It’s a perfect place for wearisome souls.

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