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Henry’s Island – A Foreign Land in Our Motherland

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Money has the power to buy every entertainment that you can think of. However, do you really think that you can acquire emotions and states such as love and peace with the help of money? Of course, not! Hence, the primary reason for visiting the Henry’s Island located just 111 km away from Kolkata should be just this.

As you glide past the ruffling of leaves on the two sides of the earthen road, the melodious singing of the birds would be the first to welcome you to this hidden kingdom. As you reach the cottages that are the only places of abode in that zone, your eyes will be blinded by the beauty of the co-existence of the forest and the aquatic species. As you make your way down to the beach and wait for the breathtaking sun to set, the dancing of the colours in the sky will leave you mesmerized.

Moreover, as you climb atop the watch tower in the morning and trace the different migratory birds that dot the broad sky, the symbolism of openness and forgiveness will leave a deep impact in your heart and you will feel rejuvenated.

Thus, if you want to escape the chaotic life in the city, you must visit this tiny island in West Bengal that would make you forget the idea of visiting a foreign land.

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