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Hiring a driver in India for your next trip – Choosing the cream of the crop

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Are you thinking of visiting some offbeat destination in India for your next summer or winter vacation? If answered yes, chances are high that you would be hiring a driver who would take you from one place of your destination to the other. But instead of renting a car in India, it is even more likely that you would hire a car along with a driver through some trustworthy rental agency or even hire a cab. Whichever way you choose, you need to know few important things to ensure that you know about the fine art of arriving safely and negotiating with him. Check out few vital things before hiring a driver in India.

  • Start searching for a driver even before reaching India

There are many forums which have recommendations for drivers. In case you don’t see what exactly you’re looking for, immediately post a question and wait for the response from the participants of the forum. Also be aware of a situation where the driver himself responds or his family members reply to your posts. Avoid abiding by such answers as it is taken for granted that they will write positively about themselves. Ask apt questions of both the person who offers recommendation and also the driver.

  • Ask locals and co-travelers

What should a specific ride cost you? Mention the place you’re about to travel and then try to know what costs they may charge you for traveling to the mentioned destination. This way you can get a clear idea of whether or not the prospective driver will give you a fair price. Don’t ever forget to bargain as the initial price that you will be given will definitely be something way higher than the actual price.

  • Hire a driver who is well-versed with English

When you hire an Indian driver who knows English, this will not only clear up the query about where you would want to go but you will also get to know what this ride will cost you. Since your main language is English (if you’re coming from abroad), it is only then you should look for a driver with English speaking skills.

  • Make it clear how much you’re going to pay and for what

While it may seem overkill to be extremely precise but you will get an added attraction if your driver is also honest at the same time. Don’t choose a driver who lies or who is reluctant to take you to all the destinations. If you see him telling you that he would drop you near the outskirts of the city rather than deal with traffic jam, it is better not to hire such a driver.

Hence, before you complete the process of hiring, write down the cost on which you’ve agreed so that there’s no future discrepancy about whether it is 50 or 500 rupees. Maintain a certain level of transparency so that there’s no confusion between you both.

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