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Ancient palaces, imposing forts, majestic architectures

History repeats itself-There is a proverb. How much sense it makes, don’t know but yes, trips to historical places make sense. Forget about the beaches and mountains. In India, various historical sites will make you fall in love with them. Ancient palaces, imposing forts, majestic architectures make you spellbound with each corner of this grand country. The rich history emerges all primitive structures and headstones of India.

You can get the portrait tales of battles, braveries, romances and ancient gods. Thousands of years passed away, but the glory of these places remains the same.

Well, you think you know enough about these historical places? Take a look at these seven places to ensure how much of these you are aware. 

The Red Fortress – Uttar Pradesh

Who doesn’t know the name of great King Akbar? To get the perception of the ancient history of the Mughal period, you can take a visit to walled palatial Agra Fort. In the list of famous palaces of India it is of of them. It was built up in 1565, and the red sandstones signify it. There are two gaudy gates named Amar Singh gate and Delhi gate. To explore the gateways, palaces and mosques, you need to enter through the Amar Singh gate.

Opening time: sunrise to sunset

Entrance fee: Indians – INR 40

                Foreigners – INR 550

Must visits: Jahangir place,Moti mosque,Mina mosque Nagina mosque. All the mosques accomplish a different historical story. 

Fascinating fact about the place:

Many of you have seen the movie Jodha Akbar; yes you got it right this was the location. This fort was included even in One Sherlock Holmes series: “The sign of the four”. It is another interesting fact about the fort. 

Khajuraho temples – where God Lives, Madhya Pradesh

Khajuraho symbolises as a place of seductiveness and lust at its best.  But this place represents only 10 per cent of beautiful sculptures, and the rest ones are simple illustrations. Numerous statues represents love, eternal elegance, beauty, intricacy and the creative arts has its unique charm in this historical place of  India. A unique combination of Hinduism and Jainism, these temples have statues of vogue icons, demigods and Apsaras. 

Opening time: sunrise to sunset

Fees for entrance: Indians – INR 10

                Foreigners – INR 250 (only for western temples, rest ones free)

Must visit locations – The sound and light show of this place illustrates the travelers, about the history of Chandela extraction.

Interesting reality of the place: The city got its name as was embellished with date palms in Hindi. It was known as Khajjurpura in ancient times.

Quietude occupies at Sanchi Stupa – Madhya Pradesh

It is the most saintly centre of Buddhism at the Sanchi Stupa that denotes the antiquity of the Buddha. In the 3rd century Of B.C, this famed historic place was built up by Lord Ashoka in India. The vault of Stupa designated the wheel of law, and this Stupa is contemplated as a symbol of Buddha’s Freedom, the life and death circle known as Moksha. The Four gateways of Stupa has various sites from Buddha tales.

Entry time: 8.30 am to 5 pm

Entrance charge: Indian – INR 10

                             Foreigners – INR 250

Must visit – There are four lions situated in the Ashoka Pillar, and this sculpture was made up in the Greco-Buddhist style. It is also the national representation of India.

Engaging facts: The antique of Buddha was painted with a special Mayuran polish to make them appear like glass. And this is the main reason for peoples attraction.

Mahabodhi Temple – Buddhist blessed the earth, Bodh Gaya

It is the earliest temple that was built up by Emperor Ashoka in the 3rd century BC. The temple has a massive sculpture of Buddha touching the earth with this right hand. The Mahabodhi temple is a ground in four religious grounds of Buddhism. People said that this is the place where Lord Buddha was enlightenment up while concentrating under the fig tree. The Bodhi tree is the lineage of the temple and grows up just close to the temple.

Time of entrance: 5 am to 9 pm.

Fee for visit: no need to pay

Must watch- The signified place is Jewel walk where Lord Buddha is said to have seven days walking meditation after he was apprised. 

Fascinating story- The holy place is Bodhimanda under the Bodhi Tree where Lord Buddha illuminated. People believed that at the time of the world end this sacred place will be the last one to depart and the time of world’s recreation it will be the first one of creation.

The step well of love – Rani ki vav, Gujrat

This place is considered in India’s most unexplored places. When you go explore the Rani ki vav, you are going to feel like climbing down a hill. This large structure has 24 th meter depth. To memorialise King Bhimdev of the Solanki ancestry by his wife queen Udaymati this massive structure was built in the 11 th century AD. That time the lowest step was used as a way to escape.

Opening time: From 8 am to 6 pm

Entry charge:  Indians – 5 INR

                       Foreigners – 135 INR

Must visit- In the seven galleries you must visit the magnificent statues of Yokinis, Apsaras and Nakakanyas.

Fantastic fact: There is a theme called “Dasavatars” that means ten manifestations of Lord Vishnu and after approaching to the water a thousand-headed snake sculpture of Lord Vishnu Will appear in front of you. 

Prospect the eminence at Chola temple – Tamil Nadu

If you want to get an adventurous journey, then take a visit to the trio of these magnificent three Chola temples – Brihadeshwara Temple at Tanjore, Airavateshwara Temple in Darasuram, and Brihadeeshwara Temple in Gangaikonda Cholapuram. The temples of Tanjore and Cholapuram were built in 11 th century while the temple of Darasuram was built up in 12 th century. These temples were built up by kings of Chola kingdom which was a great empire of South India.

Opening time: 6.30 am – 8.30 pm (closed from 12 pm to 4 pm)

Entrance fee: no need to pay

Must visit- The first royal portrait of Raja Cholan at Brihadeshwara Temple where you can see the King giving honour to Lord Natarajar.

Fantastic fact: Due to a dream Raja Cholan was inspired to build the Brihadeshwara Temple at Tanjore when h was visiting Sri Lanka.

The saintly place – Hampi, Karnataka

Hampi’s ornate decor, elephant statues, gopurams, equipage structure – everything illustrate the story of this great kingdom. People believed this is the place where Lord Ram searched for wife Seeta with his brother. They took the help of Bali and Sugriva who ruled the region at that time. Everything connected to the epic tale of Ramayana. In this region, Vijaynagar’s main coin mint is situated, and this is the World Heritage UNESCO site.

Entrance time – From morning 10 to afternoon 5 (closed on Friday)

Fee for entrance –10 INR for Indians

                             330 INR for Foreigners

Must watch place – The attractive things of this place is the figurine of Hampi Monuments.

Enthralling facts- The first occurrence of human accommodation recorded here dates all the way back to 1 CE.

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