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How to deal with bad co-passengers

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There are different reasons as to why people need to travel. It could be for work or just for pleasure. There are plenty of problems that one could encounter while on flight like air pockets, long hours of traveling, changing flights, having to wait between flights, etc. But nothing beats bad co-passengers. They can really make things hellish for you and make a long journey seem like an eternity in hell. So, the question is how do you deal with these positive sources of disturbance? How do you make sure that you don’t remember the flight for the wrong reasons? There are certain ways, which if followed, could come in handy in such circumstances.


Complete ignorance

This is perhaps the best way to go about things. If people bothering you are intelligent enough they will be able to get the hint and hopefully stop disturbing you. For starters, this might seem to be rude but it’s a long journey and you need your peace of mind. So, this might be the best thing to do.

Monosyllabic replies

If you are of the opinion that total ignorance is just a bit too rude for your liking then you can take recourse to monosyllabic replies. This is especially applicable if the concerned person is attempting to strike up a conversation with you. Quite often someone else wants to talk too much – much more than what you want to. So, in that case just shift to “yes”, “no”, “oh”, “ah”, and it will convey your disagreement in continuing the said conversation. The other individual – irrespective of his or her levels of intelligence – shall have to stop and just let you be.

Be upfront

Being upfront and letting the other person know what you are thinking of him or her in absolutely-clear terms can also work like magic in such situations. It is always better to let the other person know that you can’t talk to him or her since you have things to think about and would want your privacy or peace of mind to be not invaded. In case of any other kind of misbehaviour by the concerned person you can clearly tell him or her what is annoying you and just ask them to stop the fracas. You can tell them how distressing their behaviour is.

Be overtly kind

This can work at times as well – especially with people with a modicum of intelligence. The normal reaction to irksome co-passengers is to lose our own temper but that can jolly well act against us. In the end it will only make us stressed and your mood will be soured for the duration of your journey. This is why it is always better to behave kindly with them – it is often the right attitude to follow irrespective of the situation in question. You should be firm yet polite, compassionate and kind in your dealings with such annoying co-passengers. You can also choose to lead by example in such situations and just make sure that no one is able to complain about your behaviour during the flight.


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