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Hyderabad can spoil you forever – Reasons why you should visit the capital of Andhra

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They say that some cities age gracefully like people; they expand and evolve gracefully while keeping their history and culture intact. One such destination in India is Hyderabad as it can make you go speechless with its marvellous architecture and time which runs at its own sweet wish. If you can fight all odds of a busy life, you can experience and laid back and lazy life only to love its essence and regal charm which the city has to offer.

The capital of Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad tries its best to be loved by all and be rewarded the tag of the ‘best city’. It has got lot of history and is also called as a small town fella. Since the last few years, Hyderabad has rapidly soared towards limelight. Here are some worthy reasons to visit Hyderabad and fall in love with this city.

  • A visit to the historic Charminar

Hyderabad has always been home to architectural and majestic delights and being a combination spot of gorgeous present with the glorious past, this place has never stopped to fascinate and attract tourists. It is a city of palaces and monuments and Charminar is the landmark monument of the city and one of the most popular tourist attractions. The Charminar was built in 1591 by Muhammad Quli Qutb Shah to show his gratitude to the Almighty after the city was saved from the epidemic.

Source Image :http://historicaltimeofindia.blogspot.com
Source Image :http://historicaltimeofindia.blogspot.com
  • Get close with Bollywood and Tollywood in the Ramoji Film City

We love our films so much that Hyderabad owns one of the biggest film studios in the world which is spread over 2000 acres. Irrespective of your age, it is worth the tour whenever you visit Hyderabad. You can get closer with the techniques and locations of film making, the sets which will surprise you and you’ll get to know the reality of movies and film making.

Source Image : http://www.travelnewsdigest.in
Source Image : http://www.travelnewsdigest.in
  • Reliving the splendours of Nizam Palace

Whenever we mention the name Hyderabad, the first place which comes to our mind is the Nizam Palace or the Royal Palace of the Nizams. The grandeur and history of the Chowmahalla Palace is also a witness of the luxury in which the Nizams lived in the Nizam palace. The historic architecture was heavily influenced by the Medieval, Mughal and European style.

  • The memorable Falaknuma Palace

The travel guide to Hyderabad wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the Falaknuma Palace. This palace translates into Mirror of the Sky, offering elegance which can surpass your imagination. The Falaknuma Palace has 22 big roomy halls and 220 luxuriously decorated rooms which boast of having some of the world famous chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. It has got a strong resemblance with the Buckingham Palace of London. In addition to the above mentioned spots, you could also visit the Golkunda Fort, Purana Haveli, Spanish mosque, Basheer Bagh Palace, Asman Garh Palace as they’re worth visiting during a tour to Hyderabad.

Source Image : http: http://www.hyderabadtourism.travel
Source Image : http: http://www.hyderabadtourism.travel
  • The delicious and yummy food of Hyderabad

Despite running towards urbanization, Hyderabad still has its charm. There is a strong mixture of the previous era and modern era which is strongly felt in the culture and the cuisines. In Hyderabadi culinary culture, Biriyani is unique and the city had borrowed this food item from the Moghuls. Heleem is yet another famous dish in Hyderabad which is prepared with meat, dried fruits, lentils and pounded wheat. This delicacy is available only during the holy month of Ramzan.

So, if you’re planning to visit South India for your next vacation, don’t forget to visit Hyderabad and all the places mentioned here. Do share your views on how you liked the place.

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