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Interview With Sandesh, A travel Blogger On BongYatra

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Please tell us something about yourself

I am an avid traveler and I was told I am good at writing so I started a travel blog and here we are. I travel not only to see the beautiful places but also to grow as person, to meet others who inspire me and educate me and hopefully I also teach something in return. My life has been enriched with beauty and diversity of this amazing world.

I do a job as a software engineer to afford my travelling passion. I try to utilize my weekends and any holidays to explore new places and tell the world about it. I also organize trek and trips with known groups and unknown groups and give them a glimpse of my life.

How do you organize your trip?

To be honest, I like to organize trips for unknown people since I get to make new friends for life. Usually people contact me through my blog and I reach out to them asking about what they exactly want. Whatever they want, I have a set of to-do list which I follow rigorously. Depending on the number of people in the group, I arrange transportation and all necessity items, like flashlight, snacks, food, emergency medical kit. Before the trip, I meet all of them together and we discuss the itinerary and I explain them the rules and what not do and what to do during the trip. Following all the rules honestly is my first and foremost demand from the group. Till now, I have been very lucky to have gone out with good groups who were very co-operative. This just makes the journey more enjoyable

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What did take you into blogging?

I used to travel a lot and used to take lot of pictures as well. One day I realized that I should be keep a diary of the places I visit and some memories related to it. Thus, is started my blog to capture my memories and stories. When friends and family started liking it, I got encouraged and Eventually it became my passion. I really love to educate people on how beautiful our world is and there are so many hidden gems that we don’t know of.

Did you ever go anywhere which turned out to be totally different from how you imagined it
to be?

Yes, we went to trek insideNagala forest known as nagalapuram in Andhra Pradesh. It was quite an unknow destination and we actually were just expecting a jungle and a trek to a hill. But what we came across was pure heaven. There were numerous fresh water falls with crystal clear pools. The water great and it had small therapeutic fishes which nibbled away at dead skin. we made our way up till the peak of the hill. There was a sliding pool which was a natural amusement park-like structure of a rock slide lubricated with moss, that you can use to slide into a pool, another pool called the Magic Pool, was a 25 foot cliff with a small water fall. below which there is a deep pool of water with unknow depth. some of us took a jump from clip.

This trek was so breathtaking that we did it twice again in 2 years.

Do you always travel pre-planned or let yourself be a free spirit? Please give us an insight on
the same.

Although travelling pre-planned makes your journey easier. I enjoy the excitement of an unknown destination. When you start you don’t know where you are going and trust me the end of the journey makes you more fulfilled and satisfies your heart more than a planned trip. I have gone on numerous unknown journeys sometimes with my closest friends and sometimes alone and the place I have landed has always wowed me. I just let myself go and take the first bus to any place I see and then leave the rest for the journey to take me somewhere I have never been to.

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What’s your favorite holiday destination in India and why?

I wouldn’t say a destination, per se the trip of my lifetime. It was my 15 day bike ride from Chandigarh to LehLadak. The beauty I have seen there I cannot erase from my mind no matter how old I grow and how many places I see. The raw unfiltered nature which changes from sudden green mountains to desert and snow-clad tops is breathtaking. I would love to go back to that place again and soak myself in the beauty of heaven on earth.

Tell us 10 things, a traveller should have in their bag?

1. Flashlight, Headlamp
2. Medical kit
3. Important phone numbers and an ID card with your details and emergency contact.
4. Money
5. Camera and lots of batteries to capture everything
5. Knife, Glue
6. Ropes, earplugs, Mini bungee cord
7. Plastic bags and rain-cover
8. Dog Tag which contains blood group and emergency contact numbers
9. A plan of what is to be executed in form of paper, or list of places to visit, basically a guide book .
10. Flip Flops and Good Shoes

What has been your most popular blog post and what was it all about?

There are many places which I blogged which were lesser known places around Bangalore also other different places, My most popular blog post was about a scenic hill called Avalabetta near to Bangalore which at that time was quite unknown. After my blog post, it became so famous for the perfect photography destination, that it was later banned by govt.

The hill offers us a charming view of the country side, the rolling hillocks, and the large strips of green sand the hazy outline of distant backdrop. There is a motorable road today which will lead you to the to the summit of the hill. The hill side is a green treat. As far as your eye can see, you can view the beautiful countryside with hills, valleys, lakes, trees and winding roads. This is a photographer’s delight. an easy climb, the 100 odd steps will help you reach the famous hanging cliff which is the main point of attraction. The hanging cliff is nothing but a protruding part of rock with a magnificent landscape, dotted by lakes and hillocks, in the background. The hanging cliff has a tiny water body juxtaposed with it. The setup looked impressive. When you click photographs on it, the landscape behind and the empty space below makes it look dangerous which increase the adrenaline.

Apart from travelling and blogging what else do you love to do?

I like to read books specially in my native language Kannada. I like to indulge in politics and to be aware who is up to what.

Any advice for our readers?

Being a traveler, my only advice to people is that take out time to travel and see places around you. I don’t believe in going out of the country to see the places. There is so much beauty around us within India that it will entre lifetime to see everything. Most importantly keep the place as it is for future generation to come. Leave back footsteps,Carry back the rest.
Travelling makes your soul happy. When you are amidst nature, you are the happiest. It also makes you realize the importance of nature. It teaches you empathy and how to interact with all kinds of people. I owe my knowledge and learning to travelling.





Blog :www.thetravelreminiscences.in
FB: https://www.facebook.com/TheTravelReminiscenes/

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