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Interview With Abhinav from ghoomleyaar.com

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1.Where are you from?
I hail from the city of Kanpur U.P. but for the now, I am settled in Hyderabad.DSC_0352

2.Mountains or Sea beach, what captivates you more and why?

Being a traveller one should not be profound to a specific geographic feature and with that view I have been travelling to various places across India. Though when it comes to prioritizing, I would prefer the mountains especially the Himalayas

3.From all the deserts that you have savored till now, which one is your favorite?

Every state or place has a food speciality with a different taste and different sentiments attached to it, thus putting them in a priority list would undermine all these so it goes as I would love to have any type of dessert

4.What’s the 1st trip that you had as an adult?

That was more of a religious trip to Gangotri & Yamunotri with the family but is one of the best memories I cherish.

5.Do you prefer exploring new places alone or like being accompanied by family?

Travelling alone is fun when you need the urge to spend time with yourself but a trip with the family is something that I would prefer as it gives more time to be together in these busy times.

6.Is there any creative plan of action from your travel diary that you took to save your fund while travelling?

If you are a lone traveller you have lots of ways to save fund but saving fund does not means to jeopardize one’s safety.

Plan early and book early (specially for flights and hotels)
Use public transport to the fullest where ever possible and feasible
For lone travellers opt for Backpack hotels or those providing dormitories
Look & hook with other travellers with similar interests that would also help you share costs.

7.Do you have any funny travel incident that you would like to share with our readers?

When you are lost and you check with someone never trust 2 sentences

  1. It is nearby.
  2. It’s only 5 minutes walking distance.

I have experienced this quite a few times and the first time it was In Shimla when I was told a way to my hotel by a local that it will take 5 minutes and I ended up walking for 40 minutes to reach my hotel.

8.What’s the worst place you have gone to and why has it been so dissatisfying?

  • Generally, I do not criticize but my worst experiences were Kempty fall, Mussoorie and Sahastra Dhara, Dehradun both the places have seen the impact of increased commercialization and negligence from people.

9.Any message for the readers?

  • Travel, enjoy and live yourself on the go but please respect the place, keep it clean as you keep your house in order, experience various cultures and respect the people you meet on the go.



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