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Interview With Alexandra from crazysexyfuntraveler.com

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1)Please tell us something about yourself.

My name is Alexandra, I am 32 years old and was born in a small town in Eastern Slovakia. I studied English and Spanish philology; lived in 6 countries and altogether visited approx. 50 countries. I’ve been professionally travel blogging since September 2010, and I also teach yoga, organize raw vegan courses and do loads of travel presentations and workshops.

2)Have you always been a travelholic? According to you what essentially has been the driving force that allured you to get into travelling?

Well, I think I fell in love with traveling already as a child. We used to go on many road trips with my family and I was always the one reading maps and giving the directions to others. So yes, I guess that counts as a born travelholic, right?


3)Do you prefer planning longer tours or brief ones? To be precise are you a long term traveller or otherwise?

I prefer longer trips but it was not always the case. When I worked as a flight attendant, I only had 2 or 3 days off each week. But since I quit in March 2011, I have all the time I want so I opt for longer trips. Longer trips save both money and time (transport-wise.) And it’s also easier to learn a lot more about the culture and local people when I stay there for longer. So most of my trips are from 1 to 6 months. I was completely nomadic for 5 years, now I tend to return back home to Slovakia more often.

4)What’s your favourite holiday destination and why?

Definitely Mexico, my favorite country. I loved it already as a kid. I believe I was probably an Aztec in one of my previous lives because I could always feel a strong connection to native inhabitants, especially in Mexico. Besides that, Mexico is a country of opposites and extremes. It has it all… beautiful beaches with laods of coconuts, nice Spanish accent, good guacamole, pyramids, colorful houses and men are gentlemen. What else could I ask for? If you don’t understand why Mexico is my number 1 country, then read my 26 reasons why I love Mexico and I bet you will get me 🙂

5)What was the first ever trip you had in your life? Is there any indelible incident from the trip you reminisce till date?

As I mentioned above, I traveled since very young age so it’s difficult to remember the very first trip. But I do remember singing out loud to slow Slovak and Czech songs with my dad in the car, and all the hiking trips we did. Oh, I also have a very funny memory from one of our trips to Slovak capital Bratislava. We got there on grandpa’s old car, it was raining cats and dogs, and we couldn’t find our hotel so we were driving all around for quite long. One windscreen wiper broke so my mum had to open her window and keep cleaning the front car window with a dish-clout. I’ll never forget how much we laughed once we finally got to the hotel which we actually drove by 4 times before, just didn’t notice it.


6)How do you evaluate your fund in a calculative way during your travels and handle the expenditure accordingly?

I write down all my earnings and expenses every single month on the road. It helps me to see how much I spent in each destination, but also how much I’ve managed to save for my future trips. I used to specify all the expenses into categories, such as transportation, accommodation, food and drinks, cosmetics, and everything else but it was too much of a hassle. I learned form that where I can save more, but now I only check 2 things: how much I spend in cash and how much by credit card, and then add it to get all the expenses per month. However, I realize I should look at the full picture per year, not just per month. Some destinations are cheaper than others so if I still can save something in the end of the year, I am good.

7)What are the most essential items you can’t do without while travelling?

All the gear I need for travel blogging, obviously, such as camera, phone, tablet, all the chargers. Then virgin coconut oil, leggins, bikini, comfy dresses, bamboo sunglasses, headphones and super foods.

8)Message for our readers?

Do not be scared to travel. Stop waiting for the perfect moment because it will never come. You have nothing but the present moment so go out there and explore. Nothing else will teach you more about yourself and the whole world than traveling itself will.

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