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Interview With Ami Bhat from thrillingtravel.in

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1)Tell us something about yourself.

By qualification, I am a post graduate in marketing with over 15 years of experience in the corporate world.  Bengaluru is my base – a place I return to after every travel. I am basically a traveller by passion. With my busy career and a full family life, I used to take off every long weekend to discover places around.  Besides traveling, I love playing sports – specifically Badminton and Swimming.  If I had to sum up myself, I would say I am just a restless soul – either out playing sports or traveling.

2)After visiting which place you started your blog?

I don’t think the inspiration to start a blog started with one particular place. It started with an urge to travel when I could not. Sometimes life would just get too busy for me to take leave and travel. That is when I wished I could be at some far off place exploring and would often relive my travel. Travel blogging essentially gave me an opportunity to document my experience and relive it when I wanted. What it also, did was help others do the same.

3)What is the one thing you can never travel without?

My camera and my mobile. The first being essential to capture my moments and the second being a security cover.

4)What’s the first ever trip in your life and how old were you back then?

My first trip was when I was 20 days old – my parents moved to Abu Dhabi where I spend the early part of my life.  Of course, I don’t remember that travel.
The one that I recall the most was my first trip to the Far East with my parents. We covered Bangkok, Manila, Hong Kong and Singapore. I was seven then and remember being the darling of all the adults. The surprising thing is that I remember all the details of the places I had seen back then – the Ocean Park in Hong Kong, Tiger Balm gardens of Singapore, the floating market of Bangkok and the fun waterfall kayaking that we did in Philippines.

5)What makes “Thrilling Travel” so distinctive from its contemporary blogs?

Thrilling Travel is all about travel – destinations, experiences and travel tips. I think it is my personal tone and voice that I use in the blog that differentiates it from the others.

6)What is the most unique experience you’ve ever had while travelling?

For me, every travel experience is unique. To share one of the recent ones was my first scuba diving experience that I had at Havelock Islands, Andamans.  For one, I realised that scuba was an activity that I took to naturally. And the best part was feeling so alive! Experiencing that colourful underwater world, the lovely creatures that are hidden within its depths and to be close to them was just exhilarating! I decided then that I would want to do this some more and keep doing it.

7)How do you decide on a destination? What are the key factors behind your every selection?

For me, deciding on the destination is based on several factors. Some of them are

  • The stories, history, activities that the place has to offer.
  • My budget.
  • The number of days that I would need Vs. the number of days the destination may require

8)Do you idolize anyone in particular that inspires you for travelling and blogging?

For me, the inspiration is the destination itself.  And my experiences are inspiration enough for me to write and relive them.  And of course, it my readers and comments from them that keep encouraging me to go on with what I am doing.

9)What’s the lesson you have learnt from your travelling experiences?

One of the key things that I have learnt is tolerance and keeping an open mind about things. Travel teaches you how to appreciate the smaller joys of life in different ways. Meeting different people from different walks of life, experiencing varied cultures and most importantly sharing these does get you introspective and changes you for the better.

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