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Interview With Ayandrali Dutta On BongYatra

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Tell us something about yourself.

Well bounding me in words—Hmm a little tough. But for the world I am journalist by profession, a home chef by choice. Books, coffee, tea and music with a pinch of insanity pretty much sum me up. From sunset to sunrise everything tickles that butterfly in my tummy.

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After visiting which place you started your blog?

Starting my blog had a very different reason. I started as I wanted to document the stories of my encounter, experience and romancing on the road – everything with sheer joy. It’s a writer’s past that makes might a lesson of lifetime for one. I also wanted people to read my experiences and let people know about my encounters and now they are all documented at http://www.wanderlustcraving.com/

What is the one thing you can never travel without?


travel blogger

What’s the first ever trip in your life and how old were you back then?

My first trip was when I was 2.5 years. I travelled all the way from Rourkela (Odisha) to Amristar (Punjab). And from there we headed to Shimla, the honeymoon spot of my parents.

What makes your blog so distinctive from its contemporary blogs?

One major thing that makes it distinctive is my blog rarely sees barely any content from FAM trips. My writings are very small personal experiences along with sharing decent info for someone to plan their trips.

What is the most unique experience you’ve ever had while travelling?

One of the most unique experience when me along with my friends we were having our last meal in Greece. After a nice hearty meal I thought to say a thank you to the manager of the place for such great food. And two simple words “thank you” was enough and there I was handed a bottle of Greek wine so that my girlfriends and me could enjoy our last day stay in the country and make it memorable.

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Travel blogger

And back it was another December while I was travelling back from Khuri in Rajasthan, I had the most heart touching incident. As we all known rural Rajatsthan still sees the parda system, so going by the same Taiji of the house couldn’t come out to see me off when I was leaving but in the hands of her grandson sent me a “Nankhataiye” (local bakes biscuit) that too heart shaped and gestured with her eyes that it’s for me.

At that moment I felt that no money in the world could buy this moment and feeling. Pure and selfless; she taught me to the art if giving without expecting. Buaji you will always be special.

My travel mantra is “Travel To Find The New You”

How do you decide on a destination? What are the key factors behind your every selection?

Travel blogger

Well nothing that’s like fixed rule that’s goes with me.. Mood and accessibility to that place is what I take first into consideration. Also when someone is travelling then it was to be on the consensual of both. I read a bit about the place and check may be with frnds if they have been there. The best is India is such diverse that one really don’t need to worry, take your pick and here you will you will surely come across few unexplored places.

Travel blogger

Do you idolize anyone in particular that inspires you for travelling and blogging?

No but I really love the way Svetlana Baghawan captures a place

What’s the lesson you have learnt from your travelling experiences?

I really can’t jot down points on lesson you have learnt from your travelling experiences but yes in countless ways it has changed me has shaped me into the person I am today. And it feels great! The excitement that I get every time I hit a new path is beyond words or any expressions. Walk with me to feel it! It’s time to fall in love with yourself again.I saw my smile changing into a laughter – full of soul and life. I learnt to see humour in many tough situations, and yes like the song “The winner takes it all” I took it all to my stride and pride. Travel has showed me there’s so much to more than what the eyes meet.

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