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Interview With Chasing Sunsets

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1.Since you are a renowned name in this field, please tell us something about yourself and what made you get into traveling?

I remember my first trip with my girlfriends to Greece. It started off as reunion of sorts but ended as a commitment to each other to do this every year. Three of us are literally from three different parts of the world and we kept at it. Here we are, 4 years later still making it a point to meet each other in new countries. Somewhere along the way a blog was born and we started documenting our travels.

The sunset where it all started
The sunset where it all started

I like to say that the sunset at Oia, Santorini maybe inspired us. 

2.Have you ever encountered any religious norms or prejudices during your travel being caused by any tribes or local people that you wish you wouldn’t have to go through?

Never. Our travel is for our comfort and we do not do things we are uncomfortable with. Yes, we have covered our heads and legs at religious places and wherever it was necessary but that is a part of respecting other cultures and being aware of their norms, nothing that makes us uncomfortable.

3.What according to you is the best travel resource online?

I do a lot of Instagram and Pinterest while planning my travel. Places that drop my jaws and widen by eyes will definitely go into my itinerary. It is then up to me to see how do I make it happen within the limited time and resources that I have!

4.Is it worth drawing a line between tourist and travelers? Is there any difference in the 1st place? What’s your opinion on the same?

Well, this is just my opinion but I feel there is a difference between tourists and travelers. Tourists are people who uses the ‘Hop on Hop off’ buses to cross list of their lists and then there are travelers who go to each place, understand their history, culture, takes their time to experience it with some local people. We wrote this piece on ‘Why we travel’ and that was published in the ‘Ultimate Book of Travel Experiences’.
Of-course with limited time sometimes travelers do resort to being the tourists but just don’t make it a practice!

5.Had you not been into traveling, what you would have probably done?

Haha! It is hard to imagine! I think the next best thing I like to do is to read, so may be start a blog about books and write some stories I guess? (I like to think I am all Shakespearian!) 😛

6.What’s your favourite dish out of the ones you have had so far and where does it belong from?

I am a big foodie! With every new destination, I discover new things. For a while, it was coconut ice cream from Thailand then it was Sushi. Now I am craving for a home cooked meal served in banana leaves from south of India, Kerala. Here is what we have written about our favourite foods!

7.What did take you into blogging?

Blogging started off as a means for us to document our travel. I have a memory worse than that of a gold fish and hence this blog helps me relive some of the most amazing moments I had. Slowly we realized that we were inspiring other readers more and the feeling of connection with the audience was exhilarate. Now the blog is more for our followers who look up to us to provide them with more information to help them take the first leap of faith.

8.What is your favourite place in India and what attracted you the most?

Kerala, remains my favourite place during all times, especially monsoon. I should say Goa during monsoon also resonates with the same chords in my heart.

Himachal has some beautiful villages and I was lucky enough to experience them during my 4 years there. Had it not been for the winding routes, I would have bought a log house and lived there for the rest of my life.

Sikkim was another place that surprised me with it’s wonderful tea estates and nature trails.

9.Any common travel myth that you disagree with?

That you need to have plenty of money to travel! Just make travel your priority and you will see it happening with whatever you have in your bank!

10.Have you ever gone abroad? If so, how was the experience?

I currently live in Boston in USA which is an excellent location for me to discover new places in South America and Europe. Together we have been to over 40+ countries and still counting.

World is a beautiful place and a trip outside of India is a necessary must for all the travelers and tourists alike!


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