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Interview With Gaurav Verma On BongYatra

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Tell us something about yourself.

 I am a Mechanical Engineer from AMU and Management Graduate from IIFT.By profession, I sell steel plants’ technologies.

Whatever time I take out from my professional duties, is solely dedicated to exploring our beautiful earth. Started travelling to take a break from hectic schedules of the corporate world and monotonous life in the cities. Now travelling is a part of life and I want to see the whole world before calling it a day.

After visiting which place you started your blog?

 Curiosity about the dreaded Chambal Ravines took me to Chausath Yogini temple at Mitawali. This temple is believed to have inspired the design of our Parliament house. There are many such places in our country which are lying hidden in the deep interiors and are not so known in the tourist circles.

Since then the curiosity has taken shape of this blog (www.lucky-vagabond.com) in order to spread awareness about such beautiful offbeat places.

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What is the one thing you can never travel without?

 Adequate currency notes in the small denomination as there is always a problem in getting change in the far-off remote places which I travel most of the times.

If driving myself then at least 2-3 litres extra reserve fuel.

What’s the first ever trip in your life and how old were you back then?

 Serious travelling started after I finished my Engineering.
Jayalgarh, 100 km. from Rishikesh was the first place where I got to explore the beautiful nature in detail.
Since then travelling has been a regular and continuous affair.


What makes your blog so distinctive from its contemporary blogs?

 Travel Diaries is an effort to spread awareness about offbeat spots which are not so known.
When I started to explore more of such offbeat places, I realised that available information is not sufficient in order to plan a trip to these places. We are trying to provide first-hand information of actual travels to these places.

What is the unique experience you’ve ever had while travelling?

Bishnoi region near Jodhpur, hardly gets any rainfall, despite that this region is self-sufficient for their requirements. Whatever they consume is grown locally.

The people deserve accolades for valuing the co-existence of flora and fauna. They preserve Khejri trees (source of local delicacy Kair-Sangri) and worship Black Bucks. Their dedication to these principles can be realised by this

• Even if black bucks enter into the field of standing crop, they do not scare them or try to move the herd out of the fields.
• Only the dried branched of trees, which have fallen to the ground by themselves are collected for cooking.

At this place, Khejarli village where 363 people sacrificed their lives to preserve trees. When Mehrangarh fort was being constructed, gypsum was required to cement the rocks. Gypsum was prepared in those days by heating the rocks and to heat, the rocks wood was the only known source. So the king of Jodhpur asked his soldiers to cut the Khejri trees around Jodhpur. Bishnois simply offered themselves to be killed before cutting any tree by raising slogans of:

” सिर साटै रुंख रहे तो भी सस्तो जाँण ”
सिर के बदले भी अगर वृक्ष बच जाए तो उस बलिदान को सस्ता ही समझना

“Even one head chopped in saving a tree is worth and has not gone waste”

It was only when 363 bishnois were killed, the cutting of trees was stopped.

Simple people in Bishnoi region gave the unique experience of life – “Peaceful co-existence with nature is not so difficult”

How do you decide on a destination? What are the key factors behind your every selection?

 Though I travel solo at times, but the selected destination should be fit for families to visit with reasonable options to stay.
And most important, there should be enough nearby spots (explored or unexplored) to ensure at least 2-3 days of sightseeing. There is so much diversity in our country that you will surely come across few unexplored places.

Do you idolize anyone in particular that inspires you for travelling and blogging?

 Everyone who travels and understands the importance of preserving the nature and values the rich heritage of our country.

What’s the lesson you have learnt from your travelling experiences?

 No matter how much economic progress we have made, it is very painful to see that people in these remote locations are barely managing to meet the ends.

Practically it may not be feasible and advisable to put industries in every part of the country and chopping off the forests should not be the best definition for development. Holistic co-existence should be the modern day mantra for development.

And promoting sustainable tourism is the only means by which benefits of economic development will reach to those who have been ignored for generations. One good tourist attraction can ensure few local guesthouses/ hotels, few tea shops, some souvenir shops, few taxi operators and happiness to everyone.

Remember we owe this Earth to our future generations. “There are enough resources for everyone if we learn to be happy with whatever we have”

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