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Interview with Interlude Journey

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Please tell us something about yourself.

We ( Sindhu, Shruthi and Sridhar ) are software professionals from the same family residing in Bangalore, India. We are passionate about travel, food and photography. Together, we have trekked in the Himalayas and the western ghats of India and have island hopped in Lakshadweep. We love to travel off the beaten tracks to explore pristine destinations and get close to nature. We blog about our travel escapades at Interlude Journey, where we share tips, recommendations and itineraries to inspire people to travel at common man’s budget.

How do you organize your trip?

We plan every aspect of our trip ourselves. We spend quite a lot of time in doing research about the places we plan to visit including the places to visit, offbeat experiences to discover, experiential stay and adventurous activities. We make sure to add a bit of adventure into every trip we embark on. Since all 3 of us have full time jobs as software professionals, we tend to plan our long travels well in advance. (atleast 6 months before the travel date so that we can plan our leaves accordingly and also get good deals/ prices for our bookings)


What did take you into blogging?

Travelling and photography has been our passion since the beginning. But the nudge to start a travel blog came after our trip to Lakshadweep in Dec 2014. It was very challenging for us to book the Lakshadweep trip and plan our itinerary because not much information was available online. It took us almost 3 months to get a proper plan for our trip. The first thing we did after we came back from our Lakshadweep trip was to document our itinerary and all other details of the trip in our blog and thus started Interlude Journey.

Did you ever go anywhere which turned out to be totally different from how you imagined it to be?

Yes. Our trip to Himalayas gave us many surprises. The beauty of the mountains and the quiant villages was unimaginable. The very different vegetation in the mountains was something which we were not aware of. An unplanned visit to a beautiful river in the Supin valleys made our trip even more worthy.

Do you always travel pre-planned or let yourself be a free spirit? Please give us an insight on the same.

Most of our long travels are pre-planned. We do adequate research about the destinations we visit and plan our itineraries and accommodation accordingly. However, there are a few exceptions where we make slight modifications to accommodate certain interesting things to do after discussing with locals.

What’s your favourite holiday destination in India and why?

There are three actually. Lakshadweep for its pristine beaches, amazing water sports and marine life. The Himalayas for the beautiful vistas and solitude they offer. Goa, for its fun, parties and food.


Tell us 10 things, a traveller should have in their bag?

  • A good camera with adequate memory.
  • First Aid Kit.
  • Reusable Water bottles- avoid disposable bottles to reduce litter.
  • Sunscreen and sun caps.
  • Smart phone with internet connectivity and maps. ( download maps of the areas for offline use)
  • Money (carry sufficient cash when you are travelling to remote destinations. Make sure you hide the cash in multiple places to tackle theft and loss)
  • Some instant energy boosters like dry fruits.
  • Government ID proof and travel documents.
  • Emergency contact numbers
  • Power bank/ battery backup

Also read about or top tips to stay safe during travel.

What has been your most popular blog post and what was it all about?

The most popular post on our blog has been our Planning Guide for Lakshadweep. Even after over 20 months after publishing the article, we get comments and queries on the post. We are glad we are able to help our readers with their plan to Lakshadweep.

Apart from travelling and blogging what else do you love to do?

We love photography and to indulge in local food and culture during our travel as much as we love to travel and blog.

Any advice for our readers?

Travel as much as possible. It brings a different perspective to your life. Try to plan your travels on your own which helps you to know more about the destination. Be responsible travellers.

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