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Interview With M.A.Razzaq Siddiqui from razzwashere.blogspot.com

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1)    Tell us something about yourself and your family.

razzaq-siddiqui-2My name is M.A.Razzaq Siddiqui and I am from Hyderabad. I work in a Thermal Power Plant in Nellore. Though I am an Engineer by Profession my passion is travelling. I write about my travels on my blog razzwashere.blogspot.com. Before I started this blog I used to blog about the heritage structures of Hyderabad on heritagehyderabad.blogspot.com. My special interest is in offbeat travels. Apart from travelling I love reading. I have a keen interest in History as well.

2)    Do you travel for business or for pleasure?

I travel purely for pleasure. I am a different person in a different world when I am travelling. I like to detach myself completely when I am out travelling.

3)    What is generally your favourite mode of transportation? (Flight, train, boat or car)

My favourite mode of transportation is a Bus. Keeping in view my love for visiting very remote places buses take me places where no other means are available.

4)    Have you ever had any bad experience while travelling?

Yes I did. Many actually. The one worth recalling here is when I visited Digha in WestBengal. No hotel was ready to give me a room as I was alone After spending half a day  wandering from hotel to hotel in the hot sun I got one room in a hotel situated at the end of a shady street, that too after a rickshaw puller helped me out. By this time it was afternoon and my one day solo trip to Digha was cut short by half.

5)    Do you have any funny travel story to share with us?

Not exactly a funny story but once in Orchha in Madhya Pradesh a man took me for a foreigner and kept asking me ‘which country’ ‘which country’ for a while until I burst out ‘Bhai yahi ka hu, hyderabad se hu’ to which he laughed out loud and we had a good chat. And one time while I was trekking in Bhutan with friends I had this ABC watch my brother had gifted me just before the trek. I was not yet familiar with the features. On the second night of our camping at around 3500 MSL someone asked me how much the temperature was? I looked at my watch and shouted out excitedly that it was zero degrees and everyone was excited. A few minutes later when I rechecked it I found to my horror that instead of looking at the temperature I had looked at the rate of descent/ascent which showed Zero as we were stationary. I shouted out the correct value which was 12 degrees in a very embarrassed tone and was savagely made fun of for the rest of the trek.

6)    Any remarkable experience that taught you something during your travel?

Though there have been many I would just like to mention here that the Roopkund Trek in Uttrakhand taught me many lessons chief among them was boosting my Self confidence.  After 5 days of that hard physical work and finally reaching the lake at the top made me believe I can do anything.

7)    Other than travelling what do you prefer to do?

Reading books, blogging and a little bit of social work.

8)    What according to you is the most fruitful strategy that a blogger can acquire in order to grab traffic to a blog?

Well content is the king. Next comes how well you make a network and share your posts on social media. Third is to be always on the look out for any blog related contests.

9)    Would you like to give any advice or tips to our readers?

My advice to all those people who have a passion to do anything is – Just do it. Don’t make excuses. You like sketching. Do it once in a while at least. Don’t blame ‘time’. You like photography but don’t have a good camera? No problem at least start with your camera phone. Just don’t sit around and make poor excuses saying you would have surely been a good photographer if you had a good camera.
And remember in life something or the other comes up everytime. Do it regardless. There never will be a perfect time for doing the things you like. You have to make compromises and start doing. If you wait for the perfect time, you will never actually get to do the things you like.
So if you want to travel start now. Don’t wait around for the perfect time.

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