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Interview With Nilabh Ranjan from travelescape.in

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 1.Tell us something about yourself.

Nilabh- An avid traveller, explorer, and photographer; Bitten by the travel bug, My interests lie in adventure travel and Nilabh_Ranjandiscovering new places. I value the need to respect nature and give back to the local environment during my travels. With a keen eye for travel details, I always feel exciting to be constantly on the path of discovering new places and explore the best offbeat stays in India. Read more about me here

2.What’s your favourite place for travelling in India and why?

Nilabh- I am always looking out to explore the lesser known destination, tucked away and hidden away from the mainland. This gives me opportunity to meet new people, understand their culture and at the same time to tell story to the rest of the community. Recently, I stayed in a heritage bungalow Amberina located in middle of 100 acres of tea plantation on the way to Ooty.

3.Did you ever go anywhere which turned out to be totally different from how you imagined it to be? If so then share with us please.

Nilabh- Well in positive sense yes, Last year I went to Wayanad (In Kerala). We expected our booked homestay to be very lively place, however we found our homestay located lonely in middle of forest with no trace of habitat in around 3 Km. In a way it was bonus offer for me as I want to be in most loneliest place in India.

4.What has been your most popular blog post and what was it all about?

Nilabh- I wrote about our experience of staying in beach house at Mahabalipuram. The beach stay we stayed is called “Kadal” which means sea in Tamil. The post is still generating a very good number of traffic from my reader and from Google. The beach stay is hardly 50 meter from mighty sea and perfect for group stay. Read my post about Mahabalipuram best beach resort.

5.Are there any books that you had read as a child which took an initiative to motivate your travel interests?

Nilabh- Not really, however as a child I was curious to know how the world looks likes. I grew up in small town of Jharkhand state, which always kept me curious to explore the world

6.Do you have a wish list regarding the places you want to attempt exploring in future? If so then what’s there on the list?

Nilabh- I am looking forward to exploring Andaman & Nicobar Islands. The ocean and the beaches are so clear and pristine that one can forget the beaches of foreign countries! Excluding the peak season of December, the beaches are less crowded, which gives you much the needed detox therapy, to get away from the urban chaos.

7.What’s one experience that you think every traveller must acquire?

Nilabh- Curiosity and passion to explore the places should be one skill a traveller must posses

8.What is your favourite mode of transport?

Nilabh- Self drive vehicles be it cycle, bike or Car is my favourite mode of transport and companion

9.Do you have any advice for zealous travellers? What that would be?

Nilabh- I started late in pursuing my passion or inner quest. If you are passionate about travel and exploration, start now. Monetary part can be dealt with but you won’t get the time and age and most important condition with you all time. Stay young stay curious.



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