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Interview With Parampara Patil Hashmi from awaradiaries.com

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1)Tell us something about yourself.

I am Parampara Patil Hashmi- digital entrepreneur and travel and entertainment blogger. My love for experience of places, cultures, people and cuisine while travelling got me to write about it. Travel and writing- both are like meditation, even better when together. Now I work, write and travel as often as I can and hope to make movies someday!

2)What’s your favourite holiday destination in India and why?

I have been wanting to explore North and North East India for the longest. But I love Delhi and Rajasthan, it’s an ocean of history and culture and of course some of the best foods too. There is always something to do, a secret to unfold and a piece of history to relive.

3)What did take you into blogging?

My love for writing, for social media and to share the stories of people I meet, in process also telling my own story. That was all! When I thought of starting Awara Diaries, I hadn’t travelled even once cause my family is not much into traveling. But I knew there were so many places I wanted to go to and so much that I wanted to experience. With great amount of drama, I convinced my parents to allow me to take a solo trip. (http://awaradiaries.com/istanbul-1-week-cinemawaaliinistanbul/)

I succeeded and the next thing, I was in Istanbul. I had so much to share after the trip, people too had their own set of questions. What better time to explore travel blogging? My friend, Parichay Mehta too had taken a self planned trip with his family to see the Northern Lights. I asked him to join along and we started Awara Diaries. (http://awaradiaries.com/i-saw-the-northern-lights-before-it-was-cool/)

4)Did you ever have any inhibitions that your travels have helped you vanquish with time?

My first trip as an adult was a solo trip. I had spent most of my adolescent years nurturing my introvert side. I suck at making conversations and traveling sure means survival with the help of conversations. Had I any option but to go out there and not get out of my shell? It gave me the confidence that I had envied in most people most of teenage years.

5)How do you manage your fund while travelling? Is there any strategy for the same?

SAVING and PLANNING. That’s the key! I travel with my own money. So if I want to go somewhere, I plan not just my trip but also my expenses.

Most of us think that travel means a lot of expense because we like to spend all the cash at ones. The other being we want all together instead of putting certain limitations.

Plan your trip in advance. You might get your tickets at a lesser price cause of the many sales and discounts that fall in between. Once you’ve already spent on the tickets, which are a major expense in a lot of cases, you need to save up for the daily expenses- food, internal transport, etc. You have to be willing to be sure and take the step forward. To spend in advance with the confidence that you can stick to your plan. When you deal with expenses one-at-a-time, you can spare yourself the pressure of massive expenses thanks to travel.

You need to prioritize  while saving too! You cannot buy an iPhone and a new bike and then travel too!
Secondly, practicing some self control even while traveling could be helpful. You don’t have to drink everyday, every meal just because you are in Goa. Listen to your body and be consciously kind to your pocket.

6)Tell us 10 things, a traveller should have in their bag?

I think that would be-

    i. ID proof
    ii. Sun glasses
    iii. Emergency contact details on paper
    iv. Cash
    v. Portable charger
    vi. Water bottle
    vii. Chocolates/Fruit
    viii. Phone
    ix. Sunscreen/ Cold cream
    x. Tissues

7)Do you have any specific experience that you think every traveller should be aware of?
Three things actually!

    1.You cannot strike off pickpocketing from your list. But you can be careful by scattering your money to not lose it all, being careful of how you handle your belongings, especially in public and by keeping a copy of all important documents.
    2.Believe it or not, you luggage could be your biggest enemy! STRICTLY PACK LIGHT.
    3.Time management deserves more importance than we give it. We have missed trains for being late, missed a day of a new destination and also lost a lot of money for bad time management. It never hurts to be early as much as it does for being late.

8)Other than travelling and blogging is there anything else that you enjoy doing?

I love stories and people and I will make films sometime in future. Shouldn’t be hard to guess that I love watching movies, binge watching on TV shows and reading books. Other than I am, like most people of my generation- an Internet junkie. So as a professional I am a digital marketer- consulting and strategizing brand presence online. As an individual I create projects around my favorite subjects- Cinemawali Twist, Cinemawaale, Cinemawaali.in (http://www.cinemawaali.in) Awara Diaries have been some of those. And now there’s also a new video venture that I shall be unveiling soon.

9)What makes “Awara Diaries” so distinctive from its contemporary blogs?

Awara Diaries got it’s base name Awara from a Raj Kapoor film of the same name. Raj Kapoor has forever been one of my favorite story tellers and with Awara Diaries too, my idea was to explore the real experience of people, cultures, cuisines, experiences that we came across as we travelled. Everyone has a story, everyone has a way of telling it and a way of interpreting it.
Parichay and myself are of the youngest travel blogger’s in our country. He’s 25 and I’m 23. Our opinions could be naïve and not professionally accurate, but we are honest and open to newer ways of story teling, of exploring the world and of giving out experiences. Just recently we took a trip of 50 days across 9 countries in Europe and 20 cities. We didn’t have someone giving us lacs for it, but we managed, because we wanted to experience something differently- so we managed to stay in a heritage village and have also stayed up at the train station cause we missed our train!
Awara Diaries (http://awaradiaries.com/meet-the-travelers/) is young, enthusiastic and has a great amount of love and respect for all aspects of travel and story telling. It’s all about experiences and perceptions and talking about what really matters instead of what is in!

10)Please advice the newbie travellers some of your advantageous tips.

Here are some tips for newbie/aspiring travelers

  • It’s important to gain your parents’ trust while you travel. Share your plans with them and keep them posted. Call every once in a while to assure that you are safe.
  • Spend on local specialities, museum tickets, entrance fees over any other expense. Remember the purpose of your trip and follow whichever way that is!
  • Be open to the good and bad of travel. Read enough, plan well and always allow flexibility in your plan. ADVENTURE IS GREAT BUT SAFETY COMES FIRST. BE AWARE AND ALERT AND ALWAYS HAVE A PLAN B READY.
  • Traveling to explore the world is a great idea, but it also puts on you the responsibility to protect and create a better world. Be a responsible tourist, respect the local culture and norms. Most importantly, respect nature.
  • The most important thing that travel teaches you is to trust. Slowly but surely it does- to trust yourself and to trust the world around you. Everyone may not have your best interests at heart, but c’mmon the universe ain’t conspiring against you!

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