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Interview with Paul from aluxurytravelblog.com

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1) Since you are a renowned name into this field, please tell us something about yourself and what made you get into travelling?

I have always enjoyed travel from a young age, from family camping holidays in France as a child to adventures in Greenland whilst studying for my PhD. Today I enjoy trips all over the world with my own family and I’ve worked in the travel industry in some form or other for over 30 years now. I am Editor of A Luxury Travel Blog (www.aluxurytravelblog.com FB: www.facebook.com/luxurytravel Twitter: twitter.com/luxury__travel ) and a Director of both an internet marketing company for the tourist industry as well as a vacation rental business.

2) Have you ever encountered any religious norm or prejudice during your travel in remote places that you wish you wouldn’t have to go through?

No, nothing springs to mind.  If you travel, I believe you need to appreciate and respect different cultures and expectations.

3) What according to you is the best travel resource online?

Google Maps.  I know many might not regard this as a travel resource per se, but I believe it’s one of the most useful resources you have at your disposal when travelling.

4) Is it worth drawing a line between tourist and travellers? Is there any difference in the 1st place? What’s your opinion on the same?

It’s something you see debated ad infinitum.  I don’t  really see the purpose other than people wishing to take the moral high ground on how their form of travel is somehow superior to that of someone else.

5) Had you not been into travelling, what you would have probably done?

I enjoy photography. If my skills were up to the standard of the top photographers out there, I would have liked to have pursued that interest more. Instead, I get to dabble with it with my travel blogging. I firmly believe in doing something you enjoy for your work!

6) What’s your favourite dish out of the ones you have had so far and where does it belong from?

I’m not sure I have one favourite dish (well, Beef Wellington done right takes some beating!), but one of my favourite cuisines would have to be Thai.

7) What did take you into blogging?

I worked in Web design and internet marketing for travel businesses from the very earliest days of the Web as we know it, back in 1996.  As this became more competitive, I moved into affiliate marketing, again catering specifically for the tourist industry and enjoyed a lot of success with that before Google gradually favoured the bigger brands more and more.  As this happened, I made the move to blogging which I found more resilient to any algorithm changes being made by Google.

8) Any common travel myth that you disagree with?

You have to be wealthy to travel a lot.  This is a common misconception. Of course, many of the most luxurious hotels and resorts are expensive, but there are lots of ways you can travel very affordably and yet still enjoy a degree of comfort.

9) Have you ever come to India or ever given it a thought?

Yes, I have been to India.  A few years ago I was on an expedition with Land Rover, travelling from Kathmandu to New Delhi. It was an incredible experience and I look forward to visiting India again soon.

10) Any useful tips for our readers?

Don’t overplan your trips. Part of the beauty of travel is encountering the unknown.  Seeing things you didn’t expect to see. Don’t plan every moment but instead leave time in your itinerary for those opportunities to happen.

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