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Interview with Prateek Goel – A writer, photographer and traveler sharing snaps of his favorite destinations

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Prateek Goel is the perfect blend of a writer, photographer, and traveler who gets fascinated by the beauty of nature. He’s passionate about catching the attention of his viewers through quality snaps of rivers, waterfalls, and mountains. His queer path of exploring the unknown will keep the Bongyatra audience engrossed for long!


1) Please tell us something about yourself.

This is India unplugged feat PG. I am the writer, photographer and I will show you a blog movie of India though my eyes. Hello everyone!! My name is Prateek Goel (23) living in India and exploring India’s most deadly and flamboyant destinations.
I’ve came from a very humble middle background, having a keen in travelling, exploring, clicking and capturing badass destinations. As I came into true senses (as a traveller) my life has changed and now with every step I’m moving towards a nomadic life. That’s what has made me to introduce roadaviator.com. So, come along with me and experience adrenaline dying adventure with roadaviator. “Let’s flirt with India”


2) Have you always been a travelholic? According to you what essentially has been the driving force that allured you to get into travelling?

Not exactly! But, ever since my father handed camera to me I found myself more inclined towards travel and photography. However, over the years I have become a travelholic. Whenever I travel with my family/friends, I irritate them a lot because I push them to travel more and push them beyond their limits.
I still remember the trip, when I first went to the Himalayas. It was the most enthralling trip of my life. So, for me the driving force is the beauty of nature. The mountains, waterfalls and rivers fascinate me a lot. I feel like nature wants me to explore its beauty and when I have a camera then my addiction reaches up to the highest level. So, the driving force is my camera also.

3) Do you prefer planning longer tours or brief ones? To be precise are you a long term traveller or otherwise?

I think it doesn’t matter how you travel or precisely the length of your trip should not matter at all. Sometimes a short excursion gives me a chance to escape my fast pace routine life. However, as per the question, I consider myself a long term traveller. The reason is that the effort which I put in planning my long trip generates excitement in me. Moreover, I get a chance to experience city, its culture and tradition at the fullest. Longer trip changes my way of seeing things.


4) What’s your favourite holiday destination and why?

It is quite tough to select a single destination to my favourite one. But personally, if I have to choose a destination then Sikkim is my favourite. I had travelled Sikkim for 10 days. During my travel, I got to experience sensational landscapes, sacred old monasteries, shimmering Tsomgo lakes and gigantic Himalayas. For almost 7 days, I had to live in (-)15 degrees temperature which in itself was an exceptional experience for me. My bed in Pelling was directly facing Kanchenjunga so every morning was a delight for me. Lachung, Pelling and their vicinity has made my trip the best. Also, I find the people of Sikkim loving, helpful and humble like Buddha. You can watch my experience at Roadaviator.

5) What was the first ever trip you had in your life? Is there any indelible incident from the trip you reminisce till date?

I made my first trip in 2009 when I got a chance to trek Amargarh – an offbeat destination near Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. Amargarh is famous for its hidden waterfall. I was off there with a group of people as I have booked an association for it.
In order to reach the waterfall, I had to cross mountains, rivers, jungles, muddy farms and village to reach there. It took nearly 3 hours of trekking to reach there and 3 hours to return. In that complete trip, I was totally into mud, my body was paining but my soul was in delight. I still remember, while returning, I was lost somewhere and was separated from the group. At that time, someone from the village helped me in reaching my starting point. Thanks to that guy who took me on his muddy bike. The trip was a complete adventurous experience for me.

6) Did you ever have any inhibition that your travels have helped you vanquish with time?

Yes off-course! Travelling has teaches me a lot of things and has helped me in overcoming my fears. I overcome my fear of travelling alone. I started organizing and managing my money, cloths and other items. My way of looking at life changes drastically and now I can sense a kind of maturity and professionalism in me. I can freely talk with anybody and can understand their feelings very well.

My early life: Since I have came from a humble and conservative family so it was quite hard for me get out of restrictions and care of my parents. That’s why I find myself as an introvert. For me, travelling alone and talking to strangers was something which I had to think twice before doing. But my parents never stop me from my travel. Instead they come forward and hand me my first camera “fujifilms”. Gradually, I developed passion for travelling in me and now I am a better person. That’s how travel has helped me in vanquishing inhibitions over the time. And now I can do anything for travelling.

7) How do you evaluate your fund in a calculative way during your travels and handle the expenditure accordingly?

I’m a budget traveller so managing funds is the most important task for me. First-of-all, I do have an app on my blackberry named as “DEM” for my expense manager. So, this app helps me to note down all my expenses (however it is also a hectic task). Besides this, I love to wander on the streets of city and explore the beauty. That’s why transportation is never been my problem. I keep almost 60% of my money for food and for entry tickets to spots. Also, since I’m a foodie; precisely a coffee lover, so I love to sip coffee for at-least 5 times a day. Therefore you will find me in some café or restaurants serving best coffees. And all of the above, I am not a kind of person how buys fancy stuff except any souvenir. That’s how I evaluate my expenses during travel.

8) What are the most essential items you can’t do without while travelling?

I like this question a lot! Many of my fellow readers ask me about my essential kit. Here is the first and most important thing: My Nikon D3300 camera. I cannot live or travel without it. It is also important for my roadaviator blog. Another thing is maps whether offline or online. I feel confident in travelling as I am able to search spots easily and I never lose my path. GPS is always on while using online maps.
One more thing, I usually carry a rucksack and a small handbag. My small bag has a essential toiletry kit and basic medical kit. My bag also has important electronic gadgets, camera kit, torch, a notepad and pockets for keeping my money and documents. All these things are essential items other than clothing (necessity).

9) Message for our readers?

First thing: Life is too short to be happy and to wait. Pack your bag, buy some shoes, book a ticket and went out to explore the world. Leave all the worries of life and find yourself somewhere in the mountains or on beaches.
Second thing: travel responsibly, show some respect to people and their culture. Also, don’t feel shy just enjoy the way you travel and don’t worry about how other travels.

Want to join me. Here is my blog: http://roadaviator.com and connect with me on social media via twitter: @prateekgoel1994 Instagram: @prateekgoel1 and on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/roadaviator/


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