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Interview with Priyanka from Maproute

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Tell us something about yourself

I am a digital marketeer by profession and avidly started traveling since 2009. I am predominantly a solo traveller, having explored a lot of south india. I have also traveled to parts of North India, Europe and Australia.

What’s your favourite holiday destination in India and why?

Would be the mountains. Himachal Pradesh or Sikkim. The lovely views, mountain ambiance and awesome people all create a favourite experience. But other than the Himalayas I have found a lot of places in India awesome and would love to revisit many of them like Coorg, Varanasi, Rajasthan and so on.


What did take you into blogging?

I have been blogging since a long time… 2007 in fact when blogging was not even known in India. Not travel stuff but a lot of personal stuff I would blog then. This digital form of expression and articulation comes naturally to me.

Did you ever have any inhibitions that your travels have helped you vanquish with time?

Yes for sure! Loads of inhibitions and fears. Overtime travel has helped me change my mindset to a much more pro-human one. Considering I have been traveling solo, I have found so many people who have helped make my travel experiences positive that  I feel much more hopeful about the world than I ever did earlier.

How do you manage your fund while travelling? Is there any strategy for the same?

I travel budget as much as possible, though not shoestringing because I also have to take care of safety aspects being solo woman. I also try to experience the place through simple local activities and not indulge in too many touristy activities…. This keeps costs low.

Do you have any specific experience that you think every traveller should be aware of?

I have traveled solo for so many years. It is very much possible to do it safely and in a very sattvic manner too. It can be a great way to know yourself along with the world outside you.  So I want to encourage other women and men to go on solo trips – need not be every time, but being solo helps you explore and experience the world very differently and also provides some precious time to yourself.

Other than travelling and blogging is there anything else that you enjoy doing?

I enjoy other things. I live a very spiritual and yogic lifestyle. Daily I have a yoga routine to follow. I also love my work and other various activities in life.


Do you have a bucket regarding the places you want to go in future? If so then what’s there on it?

Well, tough to make a bucket list when one grasps how much to explore there is in the world. But off the top of my head – South America, a long rural trip in South india, the Indian east coast, Nepal & Bhutan.

Please advice the newbie travellers some of your advantageous tips.

India has way too many places to explore. So don’t just look at the touristy places. Explore the smaller towns and little stories of our country. Rural culture especially needs to be understood by people like us because then we can really think of right policies and progress for our country as a whole. Currently there is a big divide between the urban digital population and the Indian masses.

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