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Interview With Reshma Narasing from thesologlobetrotter.com

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1)Tell us something about your origin.

I was born in Mysore. I finished my education there. I was a pampered kid, and my parents were very protective, especially my mother. The best times were my summer vacations that would be filled with travels with family – sometimes to places far away and sometimes nearby, all of which I used to enjoy a lot.

2) Have you always been a travelholic? According to you what essentially has been  the driving force that allured you to get into travelling?

Not essentially travel, but I would always prefer staying outdoors than being home as a kid. Over time, I realized that I enjoyed traveling a lot – exploring new places, that sense of happiness when I pack my bags and the thrill of waking up in new destinations, meeting new people and learning things – these are some of the things that draw me to wander.

3)Have you ever come across any racial trouble being caused by cultural diversity while travelling?

I’ve not come across any racial problems so far. But there have been a few instances where I was treated in an uncomfortable way because I was a female, traveling alone. Sometimes people try to take advantage and make you feel vulnerable. I have learned to deal with them to some extent. But if I look at the bigger picture, I’ve had the chance to meet incredibly good people, some of them who have even gone out of their way to make me comfortable. Traveling alone is not dangerous as we think it is.

4)What are the most essential items that you can’t help carrying along with you while travelling?

My notebook & pen, books that I’m reading, my phone and camera.

5)  What was the first ever trip you had in your life? Is there any indelible incident from the trip you reminisce till date?

I remember going out with my parents when I was probably around 4. I can’t recollect the place though now. We were going on a lot of trips. The most memorable have been the trips to Hampi – I’ve been there more than 15 times at least, and I’m incredibly fond of the place. It is where I fell in love with History and archaeology.

6) While travelling, are there any such places that left a substantial cultural impact on you?

Bhutan is one of the places that influenced my thoughts. Recently, I backpacked in the Philippines, and the philosophies about life in both these countries are thought provoking. Both countries value happiness a lot in their special ways. And being contented and facing life every day with a smile is what they do, which I feel needs to be inculcated.

7) How do you evaluate your fund in a calculative way during your travels and handle the expenditure accordingly?

I set aside most of my income for travel and save for a long time for bigger trips. I make a rough estimate of a destination that I want to visit in advance. It helps me to keep track of the budget, and I try to stick to that figure. Nevertheless, unexpected costs always come up on the road, so it’s also necessary to be flexible.

8) What’s your favourite domestic holiday destination and why?

I’m always partial towards mountains. Because I love them, especially the Himalayas. Uttarakhand is one of the Himalayan regions that I’ve had a chance to explore a lot. Uttaranchal remains close to my heart, not just for the places, but people as well.

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