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Interview with Shubhajit Chakraborty – An ardent traveler with his queer experiences

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1) Tell us something about yourself.

It’s quite difficult for me to elaborate myself personally. I have heard lots of time this question during job interviews and every time this single question is the most difficult one for me. Professionally I am a writer and digital marketer. Personally I am a traveller and nurture a few hobbies, for example, philately, numismatics, old books collection, etc.

2) How do you plan your trip?

When I had started travelling in 2007, I devised a queer way of travelling. At that time I was living in New Delhi and working professional. I had no money whatsoever and no friend except office colleagues. Whenever I felt to travel for 3-4 days, I went straight to ISBT Bus Depot and whatever name captivated my attention, I hopped in that bus and went straight to that destination. Later on years, I was a bit stabilized with my impulse, and started making some sort of plan.

Unlike many other travellers, I don’t principally travel for writing blogs. This is the reason I most of the time travel to mountains, even travel to same destination thrice and stayed there for weeks. One such favourite destination is Dharamkot in Himachal Pradesh.

3) Do you always travel pre-planned or let yourself be a free spirit?

These days I properly plan my travel because I always work while travelling, so I need to plan my stay, travel according to my working schedule. I don’t understand what it means by “free spirit”. I think everyone is free, only thing we are ignorant about that.

4) How often do you travel outstation and how long do you stay over there?

After every 2-3 months I venture out from my “comfortable home zone”. These days if I travel, I make sure I stay at one place for at least two weeks.

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5) Have you ever gone to a place which turned out to be totally different from how you had imagined that to be?

Interesting question. The place I am most excited about to visit or particular thing in that place, I desperately avoid seeing further pictures or videos or whatsoever from Internet. I think our enjoyment depends on our imagination; whatever if we do, whether eating, sensual pleasures, work or anything, the more imaginary you are, and the more you enjoy the stuff. Imagination of some exotic cuisine sets the mood and appetite in us. Working with a very imaginative mind helps to enjoy the work, even highly mundane work like accounting (pun intended), and travelling also demands high level of imagination. There were many times in my wandering when I got a shocker when I reached the place. For example, I had a different notion for Nagaland, but when I reached the place, my imagination, as you said, was turned out to be totally different that I had imagined.

6) Other than travelling what do you prefer to do?

I like to play Texas Hold’em, a variation of poker. I am a rounder; tend to play mid or low stakes games and earn bit by bit money. I am also a voracious reader, I occasionally go to old book stores, and collect books. I also collect comics (only old). I am a conversationalist, and love to have subject based conversation one to one.

7) Any remarkable experience that taught you something during your travel?

Actually two. I do not want to elucidate the incidents because those were a bit of religious experience. One experience I can tell the readers that’s not so remarkable but quite thrilling. It was my first solo camping experience and I was not at all aware of forest rules, where to pitch tent, when not to ignite fire and minor details. I pitched my tent somewhere middle in the forest, quite vulnerable from the standpoint of animals. In the second night, leopard came near to my tent, I heard its breathing, and I was totally unguarded and directionless what to do, I held my knife tight and switched on the light inside my tent. After a few minutes, when I was sure the beast gone, I came out from my tent and took a deep breath. The place was Rudradhari, near Kausani (Kumaon).

8) Who motivated you to get into blogging in the first place?

I started writing from very early days when blogging platform was not developed. I always maintain field notes, which are a combination of my philosophy and travel experiences. Yes, in recent times some blogs I like, I read sometimes, but nobody inspires me.

9) Have you travelled internationally?

What are the places and how was the experience? Did it somehow differ from the experiences you have garnered in India?

The answer is yes. I travelled to a few countries in South East Asia, quite different from Indian experience. I didn’t find the familiarity that Indians reflect with strangers.

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