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Interview With Srijal from Srijalism.com

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Interview With Srijal from Srijalism.com About Us

1)Tell us something about your origin.

Born in the heartland of India in the city of Durg, Chhattisgarh, in a family of principals and school teachers, I consider myself a small town boy.

2)When did the travel bug bite you for the 1st time?

During childhood days, for summer vacations we used to take family road trips to neighboring states like Maharashtra and MP. I guess that was the start.

3)Mountains or Sea, which one allures you more and why?

More than the mountains or seas, people allure me. And apart from that more than the destinations, I believe in journeys. And the journey starts for me right from the moment when I choose a place and start researching about it on the Internet.

4)While travelling to a new place what are the things you would always check?

Well honestly speaking I check all the things like accommodation, transport, climate, places to visit, must try local cuisine and all that I could possibly think of.

5)After visiting which place you started your blog?

It was the July of 2014 when I took a trip to Pondicherry with my best friend Awasthi.

6)What’s one experience you think every traveller must acquire?

One of my unforgettable experiences has been spending 3 days with a Garo family in the remote land of Tura, Meghalaya. And I had no prior connections with this family. We randomly met on the train and I decided to go with the flow.I think experiences like these is what we live for.

7)What are your top travel tips for travelling as a family?

As compared to solo travels, traveling with family has it’s share of pluses and minuses. You gotta remain extra cautious about safety and plan extensively.

8)Did you ever have any inhibitions that your travels have helped you vanquish with time?

I never used to enjoy walking. I would prefer taking a two wheeler to cover even the smallest of distance. But gradually as I started backpacking, I realized, these simple strolls can make you feel good. Apart from that, I have learned the art of trusting. After having encounters with some noble countrymen during these travels, it helped me reinforce my belief in humanity.

9)Any message for our readers?

The other day I was watching Tripling and there’s a dialog in that “Yaad hai bachpan me hum sab road trips me jaya karte thhe. Chitban us road trip wale papa pe gaya hai”


In other words, LIVE.

Be a part of the journey at  : www.srijalism.com

Fb : https://www.facebook.com/srijalism

Instagram : instagram.com/srijalism

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