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Interview With Stephanie Langlet from tribesandminorities.com

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1) Since you are a renowned name into this field, please tell us something about yourself and what made you get into travelling?

I have always been fascinated by the traditional cultures. Asia also attracted me without knowing why. I wanted to discover some different cultures from mine. I also quickly understood that it was easier to meet the local people while travelling alone.

2) Have you ever encountered any religious norm or prejudice during your travel in remote places that you wish you wouldn’t have to go through?

Honestly, no. As a traveller, we have to be open on the World and respect the other customs and beliefs. I consider that I have to adapt myself to the local norms. But there’s one thing I can’t bear: forced conversion. I have even seen some people using some foreigners to help them spread about Christianism. It makes me very angry. Who are we to decide our religion is better than another one?
But I would have another speech if I had been in a country where excision is practiced.

3) What according to you is the best travel resource online?

Travel blogs and my local friends through Facebook. I’m often contacted by the travellers who want to visit Bastar, Chhattisgarh or even the whole India.

4) Is it worth drawing a line between tourist and travellers? Is there any difference in the 1st place? What’s your opinion on the same?

I love this question so much!
I would say that a traveller doesn’t care about time and place. He cares about the experience with people.
But it doesn’t mean that it’s bad to be a tourist. I often hear people saying “tourist” as an insult while they act themselves as a tourist! Fortunately, we all are different. Some people want to see the architectural beauties of the World, the most beautiful landscapes. Why not? There’s also a question of timing. As a family with young kids, it’s certainly easier to be a tourist. That doesn’t mean that a tourist is less than a traveller.

5) Had you not been into travelling, what you would have probably done?

Hiking and discovering my own local culture. But it’s already something I also do 😉

6) What did take you into blogging?

I wanted to share my trips with my family and friends. When I noticed it could inspire some people to travel the World or discover their own culture, I began to be more serious about blogging.

7) Any common travel myth that you disagree with?

I just talked about it above: a tourist would be less than a traveler.
Another myth: it’s expensive to travel the World.

8) Have you ever come to India or ever given it a thought?

I have been four times to India! And I plan to come back regularly as I help the tribes and minorities there.

9) Any useful tips for our readers?

Accept your travelling style. Don’t feel obliged to be a traveller if it’s not what you like.

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